When it comes time for prom, there seems to be no end to the preparation. You have to have the perfect dress, the perfect date, have your hair done just right, get a manicure and pedicure, and of course find the perfect shoes. When it comes to picking the right shoes for prom, there are some things to consider. As you scour the Internet looking at sites like Journeys and ShoeMall.com, be sure you consider these tips below.

1. The Right Fit

You are going to be wearing these shoes all night long and probably dancing for a good deal of the night. Now is not the time to try and squeeze your feet into a shoe that is too small or even to try to get away with a pair that is too wide or too big. You should have your foot fitted to a shoe that is comfortable. There is nothing worse than ending up with blisters and being unable to dance (or feeling like your shoes are going to fall off when you walk). Be smart and stick to the perfect fit.

2. The Right Style

Some dresses look gorgeous with open toe shoes and others just don't. Be sure you know the style of shoe that best suits your dress. You spend days getting ready for this big night and the last thing you want is to look a mess because your shoes don't go with your dress.

3. The Right Color

Color can be tricky; prom dresses are available in an assortment of colors and sometimes finding a shoe to match is difficult if not impossible. You can always buy shoes that are made of material and have them died to match the dress perfectly. If you do luck out and find shoes that match your dress without the need for dying and they are the right style and the perfect fit, grab them and run for the register.

4. The Right Height

Yes, your legs look awesome in 4" heels, but can you wear them? If you are not used to wearing heels, it is best to stick with something lower to the ground. Flats are not the best option, as they don't do much to flatter your calves, but smaller heels are fine; they make your legs look great, they go well with any dress, and you will be able to dance and enjoy the night. You have to remember to be comfortable; if you feel as though you cannot walk comfortably in the heel, how do you think you will dance? No one wants to wobble to the punch bowl or worse, fall on the dance floor, so be sure you pick the right size heel for your own comfort level.

5. The Right Price

Look around and compare pricing; shoes can vary dramatically in price. It may be impossible to find the shoe with all your specifications on sale, but it is worth looking around.