Running has many health benefits. jogging regularly will keep you in shape, give you a much healthier heart, lead to a much longer lifespan, and will keep your stress levels down. Here are 5 tips for running better.

1. Proper Shoes

When you are running regularly you need appropriate shoes. Do not buy cheap shoes. You need to buy a good brand of shoes such as Asics, Nike, or Brooks. You need to get fitted so you have the appropriate shoes. The jogging shoes best for you will vary depending on your body style, how much you weigh, whether you pronate, supinate, or have a neutral heel strike.

You need to buy the appropriate shoes that are supportive, designed for your body type and running style, and are comfortable. You also will need to replace your running shoes on a regular basis, even if the shoes appear to be fine. The midsole will break down eventually even if they appear to be fine. Once your midsole begins to break down it is time to replace your jogging shoes with a new pair and then you can keep your old pair of jogging shoes for casual everyday use.

2. Varied Terrain


Running on a treadmill can get extremely boring. Running outside has numerous benefits. By jogging outside you can get fresh air, not get as bored, and help to relive your stress levels. By running outside you can vary the terrain and environment that you run and this will give you numerous benefits including keeping you from getting bored with the same course and the difficulty level. By running outside you can add in some hills or some casual runs near your neighborhood. No matter where you run it is often more enjoyable outside, even in the winter time.

3. Goal Setting

Setting goals can help you to overcome any raining plateaus you may come upon. Goal setting helps you to overcome barriers. If you set a goal such as jogging your first ½ marathon then you can train with that specific goal in mind. Once you enter complete your first ½ marathon it will make you feel good about your training advancements and encourage you to work towards running a full marathon.

Your goals may not be as high as jogging a marathon and that is fine. As a new runner who is out of shape you may be happy with a moderate goal of simply running around your block twice without having to stop. It does not matter what your goals are, as long as they are designed to encourage you to increase your physical conditioning.

4. Inspirational Partners

You may be shy about jogging in public, especially if you are out of shape. By finding a running and training partner you will feel more confident jogging with a partner in public. A good partner is an inspirational partner because they will help to get you off the couch and out running. An inspirational partner will also encourage you to reaching new peaks and keep you motivated as you increase your jogging abilities.

5. Have Fun

If you are not enjoying your daily runs then you need to find a new sport to get exercise. Running should be enjoyable for you as you challenge yourself to reach new levels of conditioning.