I am currently four months pregnant, just finished graduate school, and am interviewing for jobs. The search for a job can be a stressful process to begin with, and the added challenge of managing nausea and fatigue, common symptoms of early pregnancy, can be too much to bear for many women. 

Here are a five tips that helped me through full-day on-site interviews:

1) Start the day with a large balanced breakfast containing protein. Eating in the morning can help diminish your need to puke, at least for the first few hours of the day.

2) Arm yourself with snacks. Almonds or other nuts are a great choice. Snack on these non-stop between any interviews, during breaks, and after using the restroom. I felt a little awkward snacking during individual interviews, but I made sure to sneak in a handful of nuts during any private moments.

3) Fill your purse with liquids, and keep hydrated. Ginger ale is your friend, and you can sip it nonchalantly throughout your interviews. In addition, make sure to bring along water and a smoothie drink such as Odwalla SuperFood. This higher-calorie drink can stand-in for other snacks if food feels too un-appetizing, or awkward to eat during the day.

4) During lunch, speak up about your food preferences. If you are taken on a lunch interview, make sure you eat something that is appetizing to you, and don't be shy, eat a lot! I made sure to insist we not order chicken on the gourmet pizza my interviewer was ordering, knowing I would likely puke if I saw any chicken-clad pizza. 

5) Do NOT stress about the fact that you are pregnant. You do not (legally) have to mention your pregnancy, bring any attention to it, or answer any questions about your marital/child-birth status (it is illegal for anyone to ask such questions!). Wear a loose-fitting top and wear comfortable (yet professional) clothing if you are already showing. In male-dominated professional fields (like mine), this can be extra challenging. But if the job is a good fit, it will work out for you, despite the pregnancy!

Good luck!