If you are a tutor there are some important things to remember when you are tutoring. Here are 5 tips that will help you be the most effective tutor you can be.

Come Prepared: It is crucial that you should up to a tutoring session on time and fully prepared. You don’t want to make the student sit around waiting for you so be sure to be there on time or early. It is also important that you come to the session fully prepared to talk about what the student needs help with. Make sure you know what lessons they are studying in their classes so that you know what material you are going to have to cover.


Be a Guide: Remember that you are there to teach the student the material not to tell them the answers. You are there guide to learning the material they find difficult so make sure you take the time to explain everything to them. If you are doing math problems, help them work through them and then let them work through a couple on their own. They need to be able to apply the concepts they learn without any help so make sure you give them the time to do so.

Allow Them to Ask Questions: It is important that you let them know that it’s okay to ask questions and that you encourage them to do so. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn new material so tell them right away that they should ask questions whenever they have them. When answering their questions make sure you explain things thoroughly. The student needs to be able to understand concepts in full so that they can apply them to problems in the future. Most of the material that you cover during your tutoring session is also going to come up in the future so it is important that the student can learn a concept entirely.

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Set Goals: Students like when they see a goal set forth in front of them. It makes them more apt to put forth effort to achieve the goal. As a tutor you should sit down with the student and come up with a list of goals that they would like to achieve. A goal can be as simple as I want to get an 80% on my next test or I want to get a B in the class. Take the time to sit down with the student to come up with realistic goals that they can achieve. Periodically check in on the progress of these goals to make sure that they are still achievable. Once a goal is achieved a reward, such as a candy bar, can be given to keep the student motivated to do better.

Teach Skills: Tutoring should be more than just simply helping them learn material.  A good tutor will also help student learn skills that will help them understand material in the future. Teaching a student good studying habits is not only going to be helpful with your tutoring sessions but will also benefit the student in the future. Teaching them how to break down problems so they are easier to solve is also a skill that the student can use in the future. As a tutor you are not only helping a student increase their grades but are also helping provide them with a skill set they can take with them in the future.

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