Don't let your trip to Sin City bust your belt

Fabulous Las Vegas FitnessCredit: Andrew Hecht

Let's face it, Las Vegas is not a town for folks on a diet. It is a town of excess, gluttony, and over-indulgence. But your trip to Sin City doesn't have to be a death sentence for your health and fitness. Here are some guidelines to having a healthy trip to Las Vegas.

I. Don’t Eat At The Buffets

As tempting as they may be, unless you have an indomitable will, you will not be able to control yourself at the buffet line. The best buffets in the city offer an endless selection of delectable, belt-busting delicacies in unlimited quantities. The worst have such low quality food, you shouldn't even consider eating there. There are so many great restaurants in Vegas that you don't need to eat buffets if you want great food.

If you have to go to the buffet, don't try to "get your money's worth" by stuffing yourself until you can't move. And don't ask for the 4lb cut of prime rib. Instead stick to what you know is healthy in reasonable quantities. However, the best solution to avoid scale-shock and stay healthy is to just say no.

II. Run Around The Block or Down The Strip

Although the mercury inLas Vegascan easily get into the triple digits, early mornings are cool and temperate. This is the best time to get your running shoes on and go for a jog. Get out of your hotel and run down The Strip for a mile or so an turn around. Most likely you’ll have the street all to yourself in morning and you’ll get a completely new perspective on the city.

III. Walk to Visit the Casinos

This is probably not the first thing that leaps to mind, butLas Vegasis a great walking city. The sheer size of the casinos and the distance between demand walking. The scale of the city is truly staggering.  The walk from the MGM self-parking lot to The strip is over half a mile. You can walk for miles and miles down The Strip, visiting all the casinos. But The Strip is so gigantic, you can easily walk for several miles just visiting a couple of casinos. So don't waste all you time sitting in front of on-armed bandit for hours on end. Do bring your walking shoes and go for long strolls on the Strip.

IV. Swim in the Hotel Pool

Your hotel probably has at least one enormous pool. As tempting as it may be to lounge poolside sucking down cocktails, you won't do yourself any favors in you don't get in the pool and swim some laps. You don't have to swim fast. You don’t even have to swim far. You don't even need an Olympic or lap pool. Just get in the water and do the breast stroke. Even swimming slowly will work your back, shoulder and leg muscles, and if you’re not a regular swimmer, even a few strokes will get your heart rate elevate and give you a great workout.

V. Exercise in the Hotel Fitness Center

Almost every casino hotel inLas Vegashas a an underused state of the art fitness center. Since most visitors to Vegas are there to gamble, eat and see shows, the last place they’re going to be seen is at the gym. Get yourself in the gym and do your regular workout. Or do some circuit training and hit all the body parts. Just getting yourself into the gym to get a good sweat for 30-40 minutes is really all you need to burn some calories and stay in shape.

You don't have to compromise your fitness with a trip to Las Vegas. You can have a great and healthy visit to Sin City by eating sensibly, walking The Strip and finding the time for some cardiovascular exercise.

The Las Vegas Strip

A great place for a walk or morning run