For some, one of the most frightening events are job interviews. However, the job interview is also the last hurdle to acquiring that job/career. It is crucial that you take the necessary steps when preparing for an interview because quite often, there are other qualified candidates competing for your position and in not doing so, you may be stacking the odds against you.

Things You Will Need

A computer with an Internet connection
A printer
Dress pants
Dress shirt + Tie
*Optional: Suit

Step 1

1. Do your research prior!
Make sure you research the company before interview day. You want to know as much as you can to show the interviewer that you have invested some time into familiarizing yourself with their company. Not only that but it will also help you to develop some good questions to ask. Make sure you map the route you are going to take prior so that you have no trouble getting there on time.

Step 2

2. Take the initiative to dress professionally and to arrive early!
Take the time to make sure that your dress pants and shirt are clean and that they have been ironed. Go the extra mile and go to the interview in a suit. This will send a strong message that you are serious about the position and willing to pay attention to all of the little details. Always arrive early to give that good impression. Another thing you can do is to invest in a suitcase and/or a portfolio to hold all of your documents.

Step 3

3. Practice!
As you do the research on a particular company, you want to ask yourself some questions that you think the interviewer might be interested in. Some common questions that I have heard over and over have been: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you offer at this company? What makes you stand out from other candidates? Why do you want this position? Make sure you take the time to rehearse these questions and become comfortable with answering them.

Step 4

4. Have all documents ready.
Be sure to keep all documents organized neatly and have them accessible. Most jobs require two forms of identification or your passport so be sure to have all of those in hand on interview day. Also, bring extra copies of your resume. One of the worst possible things that could happen on interview day is for your interviewer to ask for an extra copy of your resume and for you to not have any.

Step 5

5. Be yourself!
At the end of the day, you are selling yourself to the company and giving them a reason to invest in you. Be yourself and emphasize your strengths and abilities and tell them why you stand out. This is your chance to really shine so be confident.
Regardless of whether or not you get the job/career, be sure to treat each interview as experience. The more you interview, the more you should improving. Take each experience, negative or positive, and use it to build upon the next and each time you'll be better prepared.

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