Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a kind of internet advertising that involves advertisers paying their host site only when one of their ads is clicked on by the host site's visitors. Content sites charge a fixed rate per click. Search engines usually have advertisers bid on keywords that are valuable for targeting the advertisers' market. The following five tips should be of some help in running an efficient and cost effective PPC campaign.

Bid on inexpensive, but relevant keywords
When doing pay-per-click advertising through search engines, do some research into your target market and find keywords that are both relevant and low-cost. Low-cost keywords tend to have a lot less competition, and thus guarantee that you'll have a better chance of nabbing them at a decent price. Build up a base of at least 30 of these low-cost keywords to get the best click rate.

Include keywords in your titles and descriptions
After you have your 30 or more keywords, make 6 to 7 advertisements, each of them containing 3 to 4 of your 30 plus keywords, such as SEO agency in Austin. Imbed the keywords in your titles and descriptions. This increases your click through rate by almost 40%.

Create unique landing pages
Especially when promoting affiliate products, unique landing pages are a must. Include positive consumer reviews in all your landing pages, as these are guaranteed to increase your sales by sometimes as much as 50% or more.

Professional URLs
Having unprofessional URLs (i.e. URLs that look like affiliate links) are a surefire way of discouraging potential buyers from actually buying anything. So invest in a professional URL as soon as possible. Make it unique and keyword-rich. Include keywords that are descriptive of your products.

Respect your budget
Stick to your budget no matter what. PPC campaigns should not be dependent on overspending on your part. Calculate the profits you make per sale, the percentage of visitors likely to buy, and compare it to your cost per click. Set a limit of 8 to 10 cents cost per click.

Tweak your ads as it becomes necessary, adding or removing keywords to get the best click through rates. Build your campaigns around one or two products at a time.