Beach Wedding(102707)
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Nothing is more beautiful than a bride in a long flowing white dress with spaghetti straps or strapless, and a groom in linen walking down the beach.  With the wind blowing just right; they are starting out harmoniously with the perfect wedding.  Nothing could be better than having all of their family and friends there to join them on this joyous occasion.  Both the bride and groom breathe a sigh of relief, they were able to pull it off; the perfect summer wedding. 

If you are planning a summer wedding, there are some things you should keep in mind.  This will help your day flow smoothly and minimize the stress.

 Find a venue.  Thousands of couples each year plan to get married in the summer.  This means that some of the more well-known locations are booked sometimes years in advance.  As a couple you should write down a list of possible locations as soon as you have a date and begin checking to see if they have your day available.  Plan to have at least 3 possible places.  This way if your first choice is unavailable then one of the others may work.  Also be a little flexible.  If you want a Saturday wedding, but Friday is available instead; consider changing the date to Friday.
2.       Attire.  Depending on the location, it may be extremely hot on your wedding day.  Choose a wedding gown that will be beautiful and comfortable in the weather.  Also if you are having a outdoor wedding, linen may be more appropriate for the groom and it looks great.  If you want something more traditional then by all means get the Tuxedo, just remember tuxedo plus heat can equal uncomfortable wedding for groom.
3.       Flowers.  Get referrals from your friends for a florist.  Make sure to preview their work to ensure it meets your requirements.  Ask for a consult to help you choose the perfect arrangement for your special day.  It's helpful if you have some idea about the type of flowers you would like to have.  Remember, keep the color scheme of the wedding in mind and ensure you account for the boutonnieres and bouquets for the wedding party.
4.       The Reception.  You may choose to have the reception at the same location as the wedding or move to another location.   Possible ideas for the reception could be an outdoor tent or nearby restaurant.  If you decide to keep the reception at the same location, this could save you money.
5.       Minister and Photographer.  Book your minister and photographer in advance.  Especially if your wedding will be out of town; these arrangements should be done months ahead of time.  Place a call to both the minister and the photographer a few weeks before the wedding to ensure everything is still on schedule.  Don’t forget your marriage license and the wedding rings. 

Summer is the perfect time for a wedding.  With the sun shining in the sky and the warm weather surrounding you; your wedding will be a day you will not soon forget.  Plan ahead and if possible hire a wedding planner to help.  After the wedding is over; lay back, relax, and enjoy the honeymoon.