Modern cordless cellular shades are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want a window dressing that is stylish, functional and is able to offer superior insulating properties from the cold of winter and the hot summer heat. Consumers have found that cellular shades also commonly referred to as honeycomb shades have the insulating properties that meet these requirement. As an added attraction cellular shades are custom made in a range of different sizes, styles and eye-catching colors and can quickly change the mood of a bright sunny room to one with a soft peaceful ambience in a matter of seconds.

Cordless cellular shades can be used on any window in the home from very small to large size. Consumers also have the option of buying shades in different lift options for ease of use such as the cordless or motorized lift and the innovative top down/bottom up model.

The following are some tips that may come in handy before buying cordless cellular shades.

1. Shade Measurements. Decide how you are going to install your new shades. For example, do you want to have inside mount shades or outside mount type shades? The inside mount shade is the most popular as it provides a smooth even finish when installed. Also ensure the dimensions of the inside of the window are accurately measured as this will determine what size shades will be required.

2. Cell Size. Pleat sizes range between 3/8" to 3/4" in single, double or triple cell forms. The 3/4" is popular because it works well on any size window while the smaller 3/8" honeycomb cell is more suited for smaller sized windows. Cellular shades are generally custom made to order and where more insulation is required, double and triple cells are usually necessary.

3. Fabric Color. This will depend on the color of the walls and furnishings in the room where the shades are installed. Consumers now have a wide variety of modern trendy colors to choose from such as warm earthy shades to neutral warm tones and textures to the more traditional black and white.

4. Material Choice. Cellular shades are made from fabrics with properties designed to provide a room with effective light-filtering or a room-darkening blackout effect. For robustness many custom made cellular window shades are now manufactured from durable non-woven high quality polyester.

5. Type of Shade. Apart from the traditional cordless cellular shade you can also choose other styles such as the popular top down bottom up cordless cellular shade or the more expensive motorized cellular shade that is lifted automatically by remote control.