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In an effort to save money, most people often look for tips on how to create cheap wall art. Wall art can contribute to a room’s warmth and coziness. Depending on the type of art, you can create a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere or a formal, traditional environment. Fortunately, there are ways to use things you already have at home to create cheap wall art.

Tip #1 - Create cheap wall art with old cabinet doors. If you remodel your home or have some old cabinet doors in your garage, don’t throw them away. Turn them into pieces of art. If you don’t want to display the art in your home, sell it to make some extra money. Wooden cabinet doors are perfect for creating cheap wall art because they are just the right size, and some cabinet doors have a frame-like border.

Clean the door. Rough it up a bit with a piece of sandpaper so that the primer can adhere to the wood. Prime the door. Paint the entire door with latex paint, or you may use crafters’ paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Create your own stencil or purchase one from your local craft store. Stencil the center of the cabinet door. The border around the door can frame the design. Apply a crackle finish for an antique look or simply apply a light coat of clear finish to protect your design. If you choose to apply a crackle finish, you can find a kit at most craft stores. Install a hanging hook to the back of the door.

You can stencil the same design on a set of doors. Another option is to use different designs, but carry the same theme. If you choose this option, be sure to use the same color scheme. Hang two or three pieces of your cheap wall art above the couch or above the headboard in your bedroom.

Tip #2 - Create cheap wall art with wallpaper remnants. If you have pieces of wallpaper around the home and you just love the design or color pattern, turn them into cheap art.

Disassemble a picture frame. Place the piece of glass over the piece of wallpaper. Trace around the piece of glass with a pencil or simply cut around it with a blade.

Place the frame face down on a flat surface. Position the glass in place. Give your cheap wall art a professional look with a mat. Position the mat over the glass. Make sure that the mat matches the wallpaper. Position the wallpaper piece over the mat. Put the frame’s backing back in place and secure it.

Turn the frame over and make sure that everything looks right. Add color and interest to any room in your home with your new piece of cheap wall art.

Tip #3 - Make cheap wall art with an old piece of lace. If you have a lace tablecloth or curtain panel that you don’t use anymore, why not create cheap wall art with it? Select the frame you would like to use.

Cut a piece of thin cardboard to fit the frame. Choose a paint color that contrasts with the color of the lace. Paint the piece of cardboard. You may spray paint it. Wait for the paint to dry. Position the lace on a flat, firm surface. Place the piece of cardboard over the lace. Use a pen to trace around the cardboard. Remove the cardboard and cut the lace about one inch outside the outline.

Position the piece of lace right side down on a table or other flat surface. Center the piece of cardboard over the piece of lace with the painted side facing the lace. Apply crafter’s glue around the edge of the cardboard. Fold in the excess lace on all four sides. Press the lace down lightly with an object to make sure that it adheres to the cardboard. Allow the glue to dry. Frame the lace.

Depending on the type of frame you use, this type of cheap wall art would look great in a country, French or Victorian setting.

Tip #4 - Blow up vacation pictures and turn them into cheap wall art. If the color in the pictures don’t go well with your interior décor, make black and white copies. Frame the copies, and hang them in the family room where you can enjoy your cherished memories as a family.

Tip #5 - Turn ceiling tiles into cheap wall art. Look for old pieces of ceiling tile at garage sales or flea markets. You can also obtain old ceiling tiles from architectural salvage dealers. Install hangers to the back of the tiles. Arrange them in a wall presentation for an elegant touch.

There you have it. Five tips to create cheap wall art. You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your home. Simply use your creativity. So before you throw out things you’ve stored in your garage or backyard for years, ask yourself whether you can turn any of the items into cheap wall art.

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