Hair is one of the most defining characteristics of the human being, particularly among young people; the lack of it makes men and women look older than their actually age and the fact is that hair is considered by many of us as a feature of beauty; so why so many people don’t look after it as you would do with any other part of your body?  The truth is that people only worry about it when they start losing it. How many members of your family or friends are suffering from receding hairline on the sides or front? And how many of them are worried about it? The likely answer would be between 95% to a 100% but did they even think about it before spotting this problem? In the majority of the cases, particularly for men the answer would be NEVER.


There are, however, a few things you can do to increase the efficiency of the hair follicles and promote healthy growth:


Portrait by Bethany MurrellCredit: Bethany Murrell1)    Excessive use of products to clean your hair might be the cause of your hair loss; many women and men in the search of high and sometimes unrealistic standards of beauty use a variety of different products, many of them are “not gentle” and probably full of damaging chemicals. Unnecessary application for a long period of time might be the cause of thinning and damaged hair; you should always read the label and follow instructions and recommendations, consult with a stylist or dermatologist if you have any concerns and read reviews on the internet about each one of the products you are using.


Eggcell by Brigido AlcaydeCredit: Brigido Alcayde2)    Healthy eating has an important role in your overall health and this includes your hair as well; the vitamins and nutrients provided by what you eat will promote healthy growth; it is surprising to realise that one of the most common symptoms presented in many illness is hair loss; any treatment recommended by your doctor should be followed carefully and rest should be your primary objective; illness is equal to unhealthy hair.


David Beckham with a Ponytail3)    The way you style your hair might be the cause of baldness areas; the best example is pulling your hair back very tightly on a regular basis; this causes the follicles to weaken; always opt for a loose ponytail. One of the things you can do to revert the damaged produced is by using a satin pillowcase; the friction between the pillow and your hair is softer and better for the health of your hair. 


Megan Fox(56709)4)    Give your scalp a soft but firm massage on a daily basis for at least five minutes; this will increase the flow of blood to your scalp and improve the strength of the follicles. Other factors that might be affecting you could be stress, and the way you clean your hair.   You can read Natural Ways to Regrow Hair and One of the Best Product Available For Hair Loss for more details


Robert Pattinson5)    Do not worry too much: Stress will cause hair loss but worrying too much about it will not improve it. Also, you must remember that a healthy person should expect to lose between 80 to 100 hairs every single day. If you notice a dramatic change on the amount of hair you are losing, you can always contact a dermatologist or your doctor; they will be able to determine the main cause of your problem and recommend you the most suitable treatment; such as the NEW Women's Minoxidil 3% for Hair Regrowth or the Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam.