Gas prices are rising alarmingly all over the world so peopRefuelling A Vehicle(68225)Credit: Power via Flickrle are focusing on improving the fuel efficiency of their cars. Here are a few tips that will not only save your expense on gas but also make your autos fuel efficient.

#1 Drive when you crank up: You should be ready to leave the moment you turn on the ignition of the car. It is commonly observed that after starting a car, people do not drive off right away but fritter away with other things for some time. Move as soon as you start your vehicle.

#2 Avoid Redundant Braking: Up to 30% of fuel efficiency can be achieved with your vehicle by avoiding needless braking. It is commonly bserved that drivers are applying their brakes too frequently without any good reason. Improve or adopt driving habits that don't require you to apply your brakes constantly. Aggressive driving causes needless braking as you go weaving in and out of traffic. Don't tailgate and keep a proper distance from vehicles ahead of you so you can slow down ahead of time and not have to apply your brakes suddenly.

#3 Turn Off Engine When Not Driving: Drivers are often seen wasting gas having cars started and letting their engines run while staying idle. It is suggested to turn off your vehicle if you are stopping somewhere for over 10 minutes. 

#4 Don’t Turn Off Your Car for a Short Break: A vehicle consumes a lot of gas while turning it on so if you have a short stop of only 5 minutes or less, then it is better to keep you car running rather than turning it off.

#5 Sufficient Air in Tyres: You should check the air pressure in your tyres frequently as it has an impact on fuel efficiency. Tyres should have the required air in it as if it is low, the car will use more gas to run. Properly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency.

You must bear in mind all these tips whether it is about starting your car, when to turn on or turn off the vehicle, applying brakes or maintaining proper tyre pressure. You will definitely see a difference in your car’s fuel efficiency if you follow these instructions rigorously. It is very unlikely that gas prices will come down in the near future, so in the meantime, you can start saving money or at least getting your money's worth in gas by making your car more fuel efficient.