Your wedding is one of the most special events in your life. A moment that we always want to go back to and be reminded of.  One of the best ways to have that blast from the past is through pictures.  That doesn't mean that you need to spend an arm and a leg.  With the average wedding costing around $10000 getting a good deal on your wedding images is a good way to lower that cost.

Finding a photographer is easy. There are a plethora of them out there. But finding the perfect one at the right price is where the a challenge. That definition of perfect has several factors and really depends on your taste, style, comfort and budget. 

Having recently gone through the task of finding a budget friendly wedding photographer myself I found some key tips that will help you make the most out of this sometimes daunting task.  

1. Stay away from the big players

Established photographers are great but more times than not they have a price that reflects their experience.  If you are on a tight budget this is not your best choice. Though we want to invest on the memories of that wonderful day, we don’t want to go overboard in terms of price. There are alternative options out there.

Popular photographers have already been in the industry for quite a while. This means they may already be behind the latest style if not totally out of style. You want your memories to look like a piece of art and since photography is art that means it evolves. You don’t want to be left out.

2. Use the search engines

Look into the websites of not so popular photographers. You will see different styles, different themes etc. Be very attentive to some details since your choice here will be the basis of your next steps. Pick out a style that you like. Check out their packages and prices too. Compare them with each other.  This will help give you a basis on what you may be expecting to pay for your budget friendly wedding memories.

3. A new breed of photographers

In the recent years digital photography equipment has drastically dropped in price.  This is to our advantage when seeking out an affordable wedding photographer since the price drop has increased the number of aspiring professionals.

Look for a photographer that has the same style as the one you saw from your searches on Google. Check out Flickr, Facebook, Multipy, snapfish etc. Many of the new photographers use social networking sites to post their photos.  Many times this will include a wedding photo gallery from previous work. 

More and more often social networking sites serve as these photographers portfolios.  Just because they don't have a website dedicated to showing off their portfolio doesn't mean that they don't have the quality and skill you are looking for.  You may be surprised when looking at some of these newer photographers sample work. a majority of the time you won't even be able to tell that they aren't seasoned photographers. You will find that the quality and styles are at least right on par with big name photographers. I also recommend placing out an advertisement in your local paper or online classifieds ad, that you are looking for a photographer.

4. Selecting an affordable wedding package

Based on the package you like best from searching Google, communicate with your chosen new budget friendly wedding  photographer and ask how much they would want for it. Don’t forget to negotiate pricing.  This is another of the benefits of using the newer breed of wedding photographers.  Many times they will be more than reasonable as they are looking to expand their portfolio and careers as photographers.  Negotiation gives you a great deal of savings and is a very important step in making the most out of your budget.

5. Get to know your photographer

Communicate with the person who will be your memory maker (photographer), meet up for coffee, or have a lunch together.  Try to find out as a couple is you feel comfortable with them. They will be taking your photos, you need to be comfortable to look beautiful on every shot. Ask for their opinions, ideas etc. Remember your photographer will give you instructions on what to do, how to pose, how to act. You need to be happy on the shoot. It has to be fun. The photographer should add to that fun and help set the right mood.  It is extremely important that both you and your fiancé get along with the photographer if you are tense it will show through in your photos.

When all is set, the style, theme, package, price and the photographer then go for it and close the deal.  Don't forget to network with your wedding photographer.  Many times this is not their first wedding shoot and they may know people that can help shave some expenses off other parts of your wedding. 

Most of all it is important have fun.  This is supposed to be an event for you to cherish and look forward to not to dread and worry about how to pay for it.