5 Tips to Gain Massive Muscles for Skinny Guys

Are you tired of being called a twig, or you look like you have eating disorder! Now I'm going to share with you, 5 tips for packing more pounds on that small body frame.

Most traditional muscle-building programs in the market will not work for naturally skinny guys. Those programs are usually designed for people of different body types, such as Endomorph or Mesomorph.  These body types already have some body mass to begin with. 

Here are 5 tips for you to take note:

#1: Stop Training Too Much

Guys who are having difficulty putting on size should think of intensity over volume. I don’t mean they are over-training, what I meant is you guys have naturally higher metabolism. You guys are burning all the calories by doing way too much work in the gym.

Skinny guys should not be following the standard 8-12 reps training that most people are talking about. Yes, that rep range has been the ideal and proven useful for most people since ages ago. But that is definitely not going to work for you. Those high volumes are going to break down more muscles than you should have ended up building.

Reduce the volume and bring up the intensity to get quicker gains. This meant keeping your repetitions within the 6-8 range for 2-4 sets, while not doing more than 3-4 exercises per training session.

Always bear in mind, you already have a speedy metabolism. Therefore, your goal is not to burn off a huge amount of calories in the gym.

#2: You Body Grows At Rest, Not During Workout!

Muscles actually grow when you are resting. Pumping irons at the gym actually depletes muscle-building nutrients in your body and creates microscopic tears in your muscle fibres. Thus, your body will only begin repair only at rest. During the repair process, it increases the size of the muscle, so you grow bigger!   

So make sure you give your body adequate rest in between workout sessions to allow healing and growth to take place.

I would recommend training 3 to 4 times a week, where you have an alternate day to let your body recover from the trauma during each training.

#3: Eat More and Cultivate A Habit of Eating

The problem is you don’t eat enough, and you will never going to get the calories to put on the size. Thus, you need to get into the habit of eating. Most of the things you eat, will just get burned off by your body quickly.

So you have to eat more than the amount you are eating right now. Even if you think you are eating a lot now, you have to increase that amount.

Start building up your appetite by eating all your favourite food, as you will naturally have an appetite for your favourite food. This makes your weight gain journey enjoyable. When everybody else around you are trying to eat clean, eat healthy or restricting their favourite food to lean down. You can have all the burgers and pizzas. These may not be the best food for you, but it can definitely help you get used to eating more and getting that appetite to eat.  

Set alarms for yourself with a two hours interval. Every time the alarm goes off, get something and eat it. No matter if its fruits, snacks, protein bars or even just a handful of nuts. You may still be feeling full from the last meal, but you just have to eat it! This will gradually help to improve and increase your appetite.

#4: Do Compound Movement Exercises

This exercises are pretty much anything that activates multiple muscles in the process. With more muscles activated, it allows you to lift heavier weights. While it also helps to maintain a balance in your core area.

Another benefit would be that compound exercises help you reduce the time spend in gym. Compound movements allows you to hit more muscle fibres with each lift and therefore requires you to spend less time.

Not only does compound exercises help target the greatest portion of muscle fibers, they will also cause the greatest release of anabolic hormones in the body. The two prime examples are testosterone and growth hormones.

Some examples would be bench presses, military presses, squats and deadlifts.

Remember to lift heavy, less reps and sets.

 #5: Set Goals

By setting your goals, it is easier to motivate yourself. Set specific goals that are realistic and achievable like to gain 10 kilograms of muscles in a year.

Remember to track your progression weekly or monthly! For example you could check for bench press improvements on a weekly basis, and your weight on a monthly basis. Do take note of your current body measurements too. So you could have a better idea of how much your body has grown. You can take measurements of different body parts such as; arms, chest, waist, thigh and more. It depends on how details you want it to be.


I hope that my tips has added value for you and you will start going to the gym as soon as possible.

Best of Luck! 

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