5 Tips to Prepare for a Long Distance Race

Whether it is a half or full marathon or a cross country run, running requires a lot of energy, determination, speed and practice. It is for these reasons that adequate preparation is essential for pulling off a 3k, 5k, 10k and more races. Below are five tips to help in your preparation:


Start training early. You need to start training well ahead of the race. Depending on the distance and how familiar you are with running, a 3 to 6 months training will be great. Starting on time gives you the opportunity to gradually build your abilities rather than stretching yourself 2 or 3 weeks to the run. Once you have started, gauge your comfort level and slowly increase your time without overexerting yourself. You should be able to hold small conversations without losing your breathe.


Add incline to your training routine. This helps you build better resistance. While doing this, increase your speed during the uphill run.


Warm up the before and after training. Warming up stretches the muscles and develops the flexibility required to put off injury. Hold each stretch for a minimum 30 seconds to fully stretch and relax the muscles.


Eat Properly. Long distance runners ought to focus on eating foods that promote muscular development and energy and at the same time avoid eating foods that will produce opposite effect to the above listed. Here some guidelines:

-        You need to maintain carbohydrates, protein and fats nutrients in a ratio of 50:20:30 respectively.

-        Focus on eating complex carbohydrates and avoid simple sugars.

-        If you can supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin or energy supplement.


Drink lots of fluids. Running a long distance race requires enough hydration. You need to train your body to drink the appropriate quantity of water during a race. Ensure you carry lots of water during your practice time. Drink plenty of water up till 2 hours before your marathon running, so you don’t have to visit the washroom. You don’t need to bother about drinking water while you are running because you will sweat it out before it gets to your Bladder.