When does a vehicle rollover? There are several reasons why this happen, but a popular one is that the driver turns suddenly while the vehicle is moving at a high speed. That is correct, but there are other reasons that many drivers are unaware of. Some of these factors that may cause rollover accidents include vehicle type and design, defective car parts, conditions of the road, etc.

If you are a car owner and you want to avoid these kinds of accidents, here are five factors you need to consider:

  1. Be careful when purchasing a vehicle – Rollover accidents often involve vehicles that have a high center of gravity such as SUVs and pickups. The heights of these vehicles are high, but their widths are narrow, making them prone to overturn.
  2. Drive carefully and responsibly – When a driver drives too fast he should not make sharp turns. Excessive swerving between lanes is also not advisable.
  3. Always check your tires for defects – When tires do not have equal amount of air, they would not be balanced, which can affect the vehicle's movement. When this happens, it may encounter an accident.
  4. Do not drive while intoxicated – DUI driving is the leading cause of vehicle accidents and acquired disabilities across the country. If you want to avoid any kind of vehicular collision, the first thing on your list should be to avoid drinking and then driving.
  5. Be more aware of road conditions – Some roads may become slippery due to rain, snow or fog. Be more careful when passing through such roads.

Just follow these five golden tips to avoid getting into a rollover accident. As you can observe, two major factors should be considered to avoid such situations – the vehicle, and you. If one of these factors does not perform what it is supposed to do, both of them might encounter a collision.

Just in case you got involved in a vehicle accident, the first thing you should do is contact a Los Angeles accident lawyer. He would be then one in charge of making the liable party pay for your damages.

Similar to any kind of accident, vehicle rollover collisions can be prevented only if the driver is responsible enough in his driving, and in checking his car for defects. If you want to know more about car accident prevention, you can consult an LA personal injury lawyer regarding possible losses and damages.