The holidays don't have to break your bank or your back. Here are some ways to cope with the holiday craze!

4 Ways for Families to Save Money This Holiday Season.


The holiday season will be upon us soon, with all of its shopping fury. While shopping during this time of year is notoriously hectic, it can also put a huge dent in your wallet. After all, the holiday season is when retailers use every tool at their disposal to get your hard-earned dollar. Fortunately, there are several ways for military families to save money during this time of year.



  • Take Advantage of Discounts


This may seem obvious, but many people forget to ask their local retailers about any discount programs that they may have for certain families. Many places offer discounts for teachers, military personnel, police officers and the like. For example, while active-duty military personnel can access stores on bases, they also, along with veterans and reservists, are eligible for sizable discounts from several regular retailers.


  • Don't Feel Pressure to Buy


Every one knows about Black Friday, and the circus-like atmosphere that accompanies it. But not many people recognize that the bargains on Black Friday often can be found throughout the holiday season, and not just over one 24-hour period. Unless an absolutely unbelievable bargain falls into your lap, there is no reason to rush out at 6 AM to stand in line to buy something that can be purchased at any given time during the holiday season – unless, of course, you enjoy the process of Black Friday shopping, and all the craziness that accompanies it.


  • Take Advantage of Internet Retailers


The internet makes it easier than ever to find bargains on that special gift. Sites like the omnipresent and can help you find virtually every item you could imagine– plus several you couldn't. In addition to specific retailers, there are literally dozens of sites and message boards for the sole purpose of announcing and sharing bargains as they are made available.


  • Take Advantage of Price Matching


Many retailers, both on-line and brick-and-mortar, offer price matching. Present an ad showing a given price, and the retailer will match the competitor's price. This is especially effective at your “big box” retailers, as they actively compete with each other to get dollars from consumers. You don't even have to show a physical ad. If you have access to a smart phone, you can just show a lower price item on your mobile browser at some retailers, and that is good enough.