Unique Tips for Saving Money at Home

5 Easy Money Saving Tips

With prices of everything under the sun going up every time you turn around saving money is just as important as earning money.  The old saying, “the more you make the more you spend” can be controlled by good habits and a little planning on the front end.  I will be the first to say that the price of goods that is needed to live on is reaching the ridiculous level but I have found that using some wisdom and planning what I do goes a long way in money management.  I have five people in my household that I must provide for and given that my income is in the middle of middle class we have to watch our money closely.  Here are some simple tips to making your money go further.


  •  Stock pile to prevent unneeded trips to the store.  Do you ever run out of something you use all the time right after your weekly trip grocery shopping?  So you run to the store again to pick up that one item but if you are like almost everyone else you will not leave the store with one item.  You will find other things you “need” and end up spending many times the cost of that one item.


  • Buy the generic produces.  Stores do not manufacture products.  A name brand company is making the generic products.  Contrary to what some believe most of the products are exactly the same.  If you have others in your household that frown upon using generic products do a test by replacing their favorite with a generic without their knowledge and see if they can tell.  If they can then stick with their favorite, if not, go the cheaper route.


  • Use sales papers for stores that match competitor prices.  Quite a few stores will match sales ads from other stores making the need to run from one store to another to get the best deals needless.  Circle all the deals you want in the various sales papers and present them at checkout.   This is a great way to get all the best deals in town all in one stop.


  • Make using coupons a social activity.  Talk to a couple of your frugal friends (or teach a couple of your not so frugal ones) and get a coupon club going.  Meet once a week for coffee or tea at one of your homes and swap coupons to help each other out.  You may not need the one your friend can use.  Doing this will maximize each of your savings and will give a good opportunity to visit with friends.  Talking about each of your households and what each does to save money will inspire ideas.  You may find that on products you all use you can buy in bulk and divide it up to save even more.


  • Take full advantage of fuel points.  There is a little known trick to change this from a little savings into a really good way to save money.  There are major chain stores (mainly grocery and home improvement) that offer points toward fuel for money spent in their store.  Most are something like 10 cents per gallon for every $100.00 spent.  These stores also sell gift cards.  The trick is at the beginning of the month when you are laying out your budget look at what you are going to spend at retail stores and restaurants.  Take that budgeted money and buy gift cards for the amount you have budgeted and use it just like you would cash.  This will give you points for  purchasing the cards saving you a considerable amount on your fuel.  On the average month you can knock 50 to 60 cents off the price of a gallon of gas doing this.  Also keep in mind that the lowered cost of fuel is good for 35 gallons of gas at one time.  Most vehicles only hold 20 gallons or less so if you can get your spouse to meet you there with the other car fill them both up.  If not, don’t forget the lawnmower gas can!


Personal finance is 95% behavior and by applying these methods to the point of making them habits you will find yourself with more control over where you money goes and what you get for it.  Don’t get too focused on trying to find the big payday and find yourself getting ‘nickled and dimed’ to death.  The key to winning is in the small details.

On the other side of the coin is your income.  You have to make money regardless of how much you save.  Picking up a few online jobs that give you the opportunity to raise your monthly income even by a small amount is taking a big step in the right direction.  Even if you only make twenty to thirty dollars a month at first combined with what you are saving by implementing the tips above you will find it really does add up fast.  With a little time and effort you can make a big difference andwhen you find other ways to complement these ideas please let me hear about them in the comment section.  I am always looking for more ways to stretch my families dollars!