Start Planning Your Savings Strategy

Don't forget those little brown coins, called pennies, because they add up, Dine where Kids Eat FreeCredit: begin saving them.  Get some roll up holders, (free from some banks) empty the "penny bank" once a month, and roll 'em up.  Kids like to do this, so now you have help!

Maintain yours by changing the oil often keeps your car driving better, reducing gas consumption and try to combine errands so you only make less trips, saving gas and money.

When going to the movies, go to the ones offering special deals like $2.00 dollar days, many have great films that you might not have seen before.  Try your library as some have FREE movie showings.

Order water with meals, sodas can cost a whopping $2.50 in some eateries, besides water is good for you.

Start dining at places where kids eat free or a reduced cost.

Shop at the clearance sales or racks,  some good deals can be found and that can save you a bundle.  Stick to a budget and  please leave your credit cards at home,Save Buy Shopping ClearancesCredit: to beat the impulse buying.

Big chains like Wal-Mart sometimes will match a competitors price, and if you see the sale item ask the manager if they will match the price!

If using store pharmacies, try to purchase generic versions of prescriptions as they can be considerably cheaper. 

Bring that grocery list, again this helps avoid impulse purchases, and try to not shop when you're hungry as you might put more in your cart then what you really want. 

Begin now, with coupon clipping and filing by checking the weekly ads and sales.  Coupon deals offline and online are a great way to quickly add up the savings.  

Dry  cleaners often include discounts and coupons in local ads like PennySavers, so check these first for savings. 

Also, when  buying clothes, opt for wash and wear  garments to further save on expensive dry cleaning.

There are other areas where you cut down on spending; like phone bills, electricity, car insurance, internet and cable televison where you can begin checking into specials.  Watch Videos or wait for new releases to drop down and again check your library for FREE movie videos.

There you have it, some real simple cost cutting ways to save some money.  Make this your New Years Resolution and get started !