Plan ahead for the week

Don't start the week before you have finished it. It's good advice to plan your week before you start with it. Planning ahead ensures that you are working towards your goals because you take them into consideration when planning.

Decide on a time over a weekend where you can be alone with your thoughts without distractions. Take this time to decide on what you want to accomplish in the coming week and write it down. Use a weekly planner to schedule your goals for the week.

After you planned your goals, fill all the things you must do into your calendar. This way you have scheduled everything, and can clear it from your mind. It is a great stress reliever.

Decide on what you are going to wear for the week

You might not worry about this, but most people will stand in front of an open cupboard and have difficulty deciding what to wear. They might also be running around through the house looking for clothing in the dryer, or quickly ironing something they just have to wear today.

Simplify your life by deciding in advance what you are going to wear in the next week. Make sure that your clothes are ready to be worn about 2 days before you have to wear it. It doesn't sound like much, but wouldn't you rather get dressed for work in a relaxed manner?

Get rid of the clutter

A house quickly fills up with clutter, especially if you have just been on holiday. Getting rid of things that stand around in your house really empowers you. If your house feels cluttered, you feel cluttered.

Clear spaces and simplify your displays and the amount of things you hang on your walls. Get rid of things you don't use or have no need for. You can give it away to someone who might need it or have it recycled.

Do not hoard

If you are one of those people who keep things, because you might need it one day, you are creating a lot of clutter that adds to your stress levels. The problem with hoarding is that people rarely have a system for keeping things they will use again. If they had a system it would not be called hoarding.

Create an inventory of everything that you want to keep, that way you will quickly see how absurd some of the stuff you keep is. Put everything together and have a list that you amend every time you remove something from the list.

Be Prepared

Pack your gym bag and make your lunch the nigh before. Don't wait until morning when you should be getting dressed for the day. Being prepared will give you confidence for the day and allow you to start it stress free.

Make it a ritual in the evenings at a set time every night and feel the difference it makes to your life.