Have you ever had a dream in which you actually became aware that you were dreaming? Then you have had a lucid dream!  In lucid dreams, you are able to control what you do and what happens (yes, this includes flying and having sex).  However, having a lucid dream is neither easy nor common.  Here are some tips that will let you have lucid dreams like a champ.


1.       Start keeping a dream journal.  I know this sounds kind of fruity, but keeping a dream journal will help train your mind to start remembering what dreams you had the previous night.  In fact, this is the most important step towards having lucid dreams.  After all, what’s the point of having a lucid dream if you can’t remember it when you wake up!

2.       Get in the habit of doing reality checks.  If you’ve seen Inception, you know what I’m talking about.  If not, reality checks are doing something that confirms that you are awake.  A common one that lucid-dreaming-pro’s use is “inspecting your hands”.  If you look at your hands in your dreams they may have more/less than 5 fingers, or may not even be there!  This will allow yourself to realize that you are dreaming.  While it may sound dumb, it’s important to perform these reality checks even when you are awake.  By doing so, you are more likely to actually do it in your dream.  If inspecting your hands doesn’t work for you, make up your own reality check!

3.       Wake up in the middle of the night.  This is a pain, but it will fast-track you into having a lucid dream.  Waking up either 2 or 6 hours into your sleep cycle and then staying awake for about an hour puts you into the prime state for having a lucid dream.  Simply go back to bed and you should be lucid dreaming in no time.

4.       Binaural beats can be helpful.  Some believe that listening to theta binaural beats when going to sleep can help induce lucid dreams.  While there are different types of binaural beats, the ones that produce theta waves help humans enter NREM more quickly.  The idea is that the quicker you fall asleep, the more aware you will be when you begin dreaming.

5.       Spinning prolongs lucid dreams.  If you find yourself in a lucid dream and feel yourself starting to wake up, spin your dream-self, and you should be able to get a few more minutes of dream freedom.  I know this sounds weird, but if you’ve believed the previous 4 tips in this article, this shouldn’t be too big of a leap for you. And besides, lucid dreamers say this actually works!

Now that you have the keys you need to start lucid dreaming your way to happiness, get off the computer and get to bed!