Treating head lice naturally can not only save you a lot of money it is also a lot healthier for you and your child(ren).  Most over the counter lice shampoos and creams you will find loaded with harsh pesticides and who wants to douse their child in that?

 Here are some alternative natural lice treatment options that can be used. 


To naturally kill lice with Mayonnaise thoroughly coat the hair with mayonnaise (keep it thick!). Place a shower cap or Saran wrap over the hair to prevent the mayonnaise from running into the face and getting on clothing. Allow the mayonnaise to set on the hair, covered, for about 2 hours (or more) to make sure you suffocate the lice bugs.

Using a good lice comb, comb out dead lice and nits. Works best to separate the hair into small sections and comb through each section one at a time. 

Shampoo hair and rinse out. If the hair remains greasy you can wash it a few times with liquid dish detergent such as Dawn.


Pure Tea Tree Oil

You want the real good stuff that is usually found in the dark brown bottle and that is 100% tea tree oil to effectively treat a lice infestation. 

Begin by placing several drops throughout your hair and scalp and massage it in so that your scalp is thoroughly covered. 

You may also add several drops to a small amount of your regular shampoo or directly to your bottle of shampoo to use as a lice prevention tool. 

Cover the hair with a shower cap and allow the tea tree oil to sit on the hair and scalp for 6 to 8 hours. Add a few more drops of the oil to the scalp and hair, massage it in and then comb through the hair with a lice comb (preferably metal). Lastly wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner (you can pick up a good tea tree conditioner at your local natural/organic store).

Repeat in 7 days if needed or add the oil to your shampoo and use daily to naturally prevent head lice from recurring. 

(Avoid any and all contact with eyes, nose and mouth. This potent product can cause irritation and damage to sensitive areas such as these)


Coconut Oil

To naturally treat head lice pick up a jar of Extra Virgin Coconut oil - this will not look like your average oil - it will actually be a thick paste that resembles solidified oil. 

Begin by melting 2 full tablespoons full of the coconut oil in a pan or microwave safe bowl. Allow it to cool until it is not too hot to touch and then using your fingers massage the oil into the hair and coat the scalp. Cover the hair in Saran wrap (as it will drip and stain fabrics) and allow it to set on hair for 8 hours or overnight if you do this before bed. Using a good shampoo wash out your hair and comb it thoroughly using a metal bug comb. 

(Note: coconut oil is a good hair conditioning treatment and when used for lice treatment it suffocates the lice and leaves the hair easy to comb through)


Olive Oil

Olive oil works just like the coconut oil above - you use the same method as you do above and leave it on the same amount of time. The thicker the oil the better and quicker it will kill off live lice bugs. 

To remove the greasy texture from your hair after shampooing and combing out the lice bugs simply wash it with liquid dish soap.


Metal Lice and Nit Combs

Don't be fooled into thinking those cheap plastic combs are going to do the job. They break and easily become bent. A good quality, long bristled metal nit and lice comb is the way you want to go. 

You can use this comb on both dry and wet hair. For dry or wet hair make sure hair is tangle free to prevent extensive pulling. 

For best results saturate the hair in a good slick conditioner and let sit for several minutes. Brush out tangles and then comb through the hair - small sections at a time, making sure to rinse the comb regularly, until you no longer are removing any eggs or louse bugs. 

Then dry your hair using a blow dryer and repeat the process on dry hair. Combing through the hair should be done daily (Make sure to clean the comb thoroughly between uses to prevent re-infestation).



When treating lice you have to make sure that your home is also lice free to prevent re-infestation: wash and dry all clothes, hats, bedding, backpacks, stuffed animals and furniture covers in hot temperatures - securely bag anything that cannot be washed immediately; vacuum all carpeted areas and beds thoroughly; soak combs and hair brushes in boiling hot water.

Regular blow drying of your hair can also help to prevent infestation of head louse.