I have been studying my Bachelor of Accounting via correspondence for two years and found that a well organised study plan can be a fun study plan. When I first started studying I found it hard to keep up with the schedule and maintain focus, but I found the 5 steps below helped me to ensure a fun and successful experience.

Study Online
  1. Make a plan not all subjects are available each period so when you decide to enrol sit down and evaluate the perfect order of the subjects. Start off by listing all your subjects in a Microsoft spread sheet. Next write out all the prerequisite next to each subject. Now rearrange your list so the subjects that have a prerequisite are at the bottom and the subjects without are at the top. In the next column write out the availability of each subject. You should now be able to create a study time table.
  2. Get out of your house. I found that there is to many distractions at home, the number of times I have sat down to study and ended up watching the television is countless.  The best place to study is at a library. I like to go to the local university campus and use their library.
  3. Break your subjects Down, The day that you get your study material you should immediately find a way to break it down into manageable chunks. Most courses will break the course work down into weekly topics , what you need to do, is go the next step and come up with a long list of smaller tasks, for example, you could use Monday night as your reading night and Tuesday as your tutorial night.
  4. Get in the Chat Forums, The lecturers will say this at the beginning of each subject and for the first year I did not listen to them. Now I realise that the study material can sometimes be a bit bland. By reading and writing on the discussion forum your fellow online classmates can shed a new ray of light on a tricky or hard topic.
  5. Buy your Books online. There are a lot of second hand booksellers and online shops that will often match or beat the university book store. Ensure you shop around, on average I spend $1,400 a year on text books. 

The hardest part about studying online is not having a teacher or a friend standing over you and pressuring you to do well. With online university people won’t realise if you don’t attend class or tutorials. Ensure you have the capabilities to motivate yourself.  If you are working full time and studying at night, make sure you don’t burn yourself out. If you start to feel over exhausted or start to neglect your studies take a night or two to relax and gather your thoughts


Good Luck and happy studying