Planning a hunting trip with your buddies? Bedsides the obvious gun selection, it's important to have the right tools for a proper hunt. Sites suchas Buds Gun Shop and Corner Store, like many others, offer everything a hunter needs to ensure success and safety. Below are a few items that are essential for every hunter.

1. Apparel

Hunting apparel can be important for many reasons; it can offer protection from the elements, disguise and safety. The cold weather brings some harsh winds and freezing temperatures and for the diehard hunter, and the right clothing is essential. The different designs are made for disguise. There are different seasons and with each come a different hunting garb. It is important to blend in well with the environment, as to not spook the animal or even be noticed.

There are times when a hunter wants to be noticed though, and that is by other hunters. The bright orange colors that are worn as part of the hunting apparel offer the safety a hunter needs when in the woods. There is nothing worse than going from the hunter to the hunted, just because you forgot the right apparel.

2. Shelter

Shelters offer hunters a way to stay out of the elements as well as a disguise from the animals. There are ground shelters as well as tree shelters and each offer a different type of hunt.

3. Decoys, Calls and Disguises

Decoys are essential to lure in animals to areas they normally do not visit. If you want to get the attention of an animal looking for a mate, calls are a great way to bring them in. Disguises are in various forms, as mentioned above; the shelter and the hunters apparel both work as a disguise, but you can go even further with animal scent to blend in.

4. Weapons

There are many options for weapons and according to the season, a hunter has several choices. It is imperative that the hunter ensures the weapon is working properly before the hunt and that they are skilled in how to use it safely and efficiently. Fumbling with a rifle can get another hunter shot and not handling a bow correctly can create a painful injury.

5. Transportation

When it is time to enter the woods or to leave the woods, a good mode of transportation is needed. If you are hunting large game, you might consider a four wheeler so you can either tow or drag your trophy out of the woods. Many hunters do not think about transportation when they enter the woods, but once they are left with a kill that is too heavy to drag by hand (and an area their truck won't fit into), they learn their lesson.