Top Secret 1
Often to get a great tenant you need to go through a minimum of 10 people. The more prospects you have, the better selection you have. I have often seen some of my fellow landlords choose the first idiot
that walks through the door. Later they complain about how the tenant turned out to not be what they expected and I tell them what do you expect, you chose the first person that walked in. Even if the first tenant that walks in seems great, interview some more. That way you get a feel for the market.

Top Secret 2
Sometimes it's hard to figure If the tenant is gonna be clean or dirty and mess up your property. I had one tenant once who was so dirty, I had to install new carpet when they finally moved from all the layers of soda stains. One way to figure it out is to check their hygiene. If their unkempt and have dirt and holes all over their clothes, it's probably a sign they do not take good care of themselves. If they can't take care of themselves what makes you think they will take care of your room. Another good indicator is to check their car when their not looking. If their car is clean and tidy, they'll probably make great
clean tenants.

Top Secret 3
When you do the first phone interview, listen to how they talk. I have
picked many great tenants just from this simple screening technique.
I've had some tenants call acting acting totally rude to me even
though they did not know me. Others had a slurred speech and sounded
like they were on drugs. How often have you heard engineers and
doctors talk to you in ebonies. Always remember you are giving the
prospective tenant a opportunity to live at your house, not the other
way around.

Top Secret 4
When the future tenant comes by for the in person interview, be sure
to talk to the person for a while. Get to know him, why he needs to
rent, where he is from and what his back story is. I've had some
people blatantly tell me they were drug addicts and were kicked out.
Now why would I want that person to be my tenant. The longer you can
get them to talk, the more chances you will give them to make mistakes
and show their true character.

Top Secret 5
Figure out how they are getting paid. Rent is the most important
thing. Those with good professions will always be able to pay versus those
that work minimum wage. I've always had trouble getting payment from
those who barely were surviving paycheck to paycheck. They would always come to me telling me their problems how their cat died or their friend borrowed money. Remember your in the business to make money and you have a mortgage. Also remember
once you take one as a tenant, it's really hard to kick them out.