Celiac disease is a chronic condition brought on to an allergy to gluten; gluten is a protein found in barley, rye, and wheat. Individuals with celiac disease experience damage to the small intestine when they ingest foods containing gluten, which prevents the necessary absorption of important minerals and nutrients. Because so many foods contain gluten, this can be a very difficult condition to get under control; however, with some changes in habits and diet, it is possible to live a healthy, comfortable, and productive lifestyle, regardless of the presence of celiac disease.

Live An Active And Healthy Lifestyle

A life with celiac disease does not have to feel like a life of sacrifice. Eating a healthy diet of lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables is a great way for anyone to take care of themselves, and eating fresh grain free foods is an easy way to live with celiac disease. Add a healthy exercise regime and you will find that you feel great. If it is your child or your spouse who is dealing with celiac disease, make this healthier way of eating and living a family commitment and that person will not feel the only one who must do things differently because of celiac disease.

Plan Ahead When You Travel

Travel can be very frustrating for those with celiac disease. Sometimes it is almost impossible to find foods you can eat. Be sure to pack food in the car for family road trips. When everyone is craving a quick drive through snack, you will have foods you have prepared that you, or everyone can enjoy. Call hotels and airlines ahead to inquire about menus so when you arrive, the work is already done. You will find that many establishments have special menus prepared for customers with celiac disease. Restaurants, too, can be planned for, especially when so many menus are available online. If all else fails, look for meals that are made up of meat or fish, vegetables, and potatoes. Choose dishes that are prepared simply and have few ingredients.

Stay Informed

Celiac disease has become increasingly prevalent in the medical field and doctors and scientists are learning more about it all the time. At the same time, food manufacturers are constantly striving to develop more foods that are tasty and that are safe for consumption by those with celiac disease. It is wise, therefore, to stay informed. Talk to your doctor regularly, keep an eye on trusted websites, and join a forum or two for those living with celiac disease.

Talk To Your Grocer

If your local grocery store does not carry items made with gluten free flour or other celiac disease friendly foods, talk to the store’s managers. Very often a grocery store will begin to carry new foods if they are requested by their customers. If they will not order these special foods, you will need to research new places to shop and/or places online where you can order your flour and bread products.

Mistakes Happen

Celiac disease is a lifelong condition, and you are going to eat the wrong food now and then. Odds are good that your body will tell you and you will feel sick as a result. However, it is no reason to panic. Of course, you must be careful with celiac disease, but a slip up is not the end of the world. Make a commitment to be more careful and you will find that celiac disease will be something you can live with.