Here are some top tips for improving your Chinese online dating success. Many men like the idea of finding a beautiful loving bride from China, so these tips can help you achieve your goals.

Make a decent looking dating site profile

When you sign up to a Chinese online dating site it's good to fill out as many details in your profile as possible. Pay for full membership of the site - that way ladies will know you're serious about finding a partner from China. Upload a few photos of yourself, particularly "life style" shots that show you enjoying your hobbies and interests. It's a good idea to show potential partners that you're interested in Chinese culture. Remember that most men on dating sites are timewasters, so if you bear this in mind you can easily make your profile stand out from the rest.

Does she really exist?

Sadly there are dating site scammers on many of the Chinese dating sites. These scammers range from organised scammers to Chinese ladies just supplementing their income. Organised scammers aren't always from China - many scammers are based in West African countries but pretend to be anyone from rich American men (to scam women) to single Chinese ladies (to scam men). In many cases their scams aren't particularly sophisticated, but do not forget that there are people in most countries of the world who have lost their life savings to African dating site scammers.

The second type of dating site scammer are the Chinese ladies who get their income from talking to men online. A few dollars here or there in gifts can make for a decent income in China - many ladies earn less than $10 a day. Chinese ladies who scam like this aren't as common as Thai or Filipina ladies, but they are on the increase. As with the first type of scammer, be wary of anyone who asks for money, particularly if you haven't met them.

Is she sincere?

One of the hardest aspects of online Chinese dating is finding a Chinese lady who is sincere. This is very hard to do, and you just have to trust your male intuition. Tips for finding a good lady include:

  • Looking for someone close to your own age.
  • Taking your time to get to know her.
  • Try and get to know her friends and family.
  • Build up some trusted Chinese friends and acquaintances.

Are her photos natural looking?

If you sign up to any of the Chinese online dating websites then you'll probably notice that many of the ladies have airbrushed and professional looking studio photos. Photographic studios are numerous in China, and it's very much a cultural thing. Before getting too romantically involved with a Chinese lady it's always a good idea to get natural looking photos of her. In many cases Chinese ladies do actually look as lovely in real life as they do in their studio photos, but all the same it's better to be sure. If a lady says she doesn't have any photos of herself then it's time to get suspicious. Pretty much all Chinese ladies have around 10,000 photos of themselves at home, so it's possible you're being taken for a ride.

It's also a good idea to have one or two webcam sessions with a lady - that way you'll have a better idea of what she really looks like, as well as confirming that she does actually exist.

Be wary of letter writing sites

When you're looking for a Chinese singles dating site, be aware that there are basically two different type of site:

  1. Pay per contact site (letter writing)
  2. Subscription site

Both types of site are normally completely free to sign up to. So if you're just considering the idea of finding a Chinese wife or girlfriend then you can browse the personals on the sites and see if there's anyone you like the look of.

Be wary of the letter writing type of Chinese dating site. The most well known of these is Chnlove. These types of site are normally free to sign up to, but you pay every time you send or receive a letter (usually an email) from a lady. This type of dating site can work out a very expensive way of Chinese dating. I managed to burn through $400 on Chnlove in less than a year. For that I talked to less than a dozen Chinese ladies. Letter writing also wide open to abuse, as a website can make a great deal of money from fake profiles and standard letter responses. These websites make the bulk of their email from new users, so be careful. Personally I got burned by getting duplicate emails from a lady, as well as having to pay if I was a bit slow in responding to a lady and they (or their marriage agency) sent me a reminder email.

A much more affordable Chinese online dating option is to go for one of the dating sites that offer a flat rate subscription. These sites include Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms. Both offer monthly or annual subscriptions. For that you can contact as many ladies as you want, so it's generally a more affordable option. You may still need a translator, but in all honesty you're better off finding your own translator you can trust, or look for a Chinese lady that can understand some English. Just make sure you stay on these sites, and be wary of any lady that suggests you move to a more expensive dating site.

So these are a few useful tips for improving your Chinese online dating experience. Happy dating!