Weight Loss Motivation Success Tips

When you decide to lose weight, your motivation is at its peak. Fast forward two or three weeks and your motivation can begin to stall and this is the danger point. This happens because your body has quickly adapted to your new routine and you now need to step it up to keep on track to reach your goals.

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight so to keep going in the right direction, here are five of the top weight loss motivation boosters to keep you going and overcoming the obstacles that will inevitably get in your way.

1.  Eat Up

This may sound crazy but to lose weight you need to eat often! Wait up though - this doesn't give you carte blanche to eat everything in sight. We're talking about eating five or six small, well balanced meals per day. Do NOT skip meals or cut down on correct portion sizes in the mistaken belief that this will speed up your results. Little and often is key.

2. Get Snapping

Photographs do not lie and as a result most overweight people tend to avoid the camera like the plague. But a great way to keep your motivation and resolve high is to chart your weight loss progress in pictures. Just as you weigh yourself regularly, take a photograph of yourself every 4 weeks. Seeing your body shape transform as you transform your life is the biggest motivation booster there is.

3. Shop Skinny

Head to the shops and buy a few items in the size you want to be, instead of the size you are. This is a great motivator because you don't want to waste money!

4. Mint Up

A light brushing of your teeth after a meal gives you a minty fresh taste in your mouth and stops you reaching for more food. Chocolate just doesn’t taste so good mixed in with toothpaste!

5. Good News about Booze

It will not surprise you to know that alcohol inhibits weight loss. But if you are fond of a tipple that's fine as long as you choose your booze carefully. Go for an antioxidant rich white wine spritzer or small glass of red wine. Just make sure that you avoid sugar laden beer and alcopops to save calories and you can still enjoy a treat.

Just think of the sense of achievement you will feel when you finally reach your weight loss target. Your hard work will have paid off and you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be.

So when your weight loss motivation begins to flag, remember these tips which might just make the difference between achieving your weight loss goals and your ideal body or remaining as you are now.

Remember you are worth it and deserve the best. Let these tips help you towards your weight loss goals.