Twitter is a simple social media tool. The interface is easy to use and the 140-character limit makes for quick and concise messages that spread quickly through the twitterverse. And it is this simplicity that makes Twitter one of the most powerful online marketing tools available today. There are millions of potential customers and clients as well as industry insiders and leaders on Twitter every day, and reaching out to them with your business's message is easy. Here are five Twitter marketing tips that will help you extend your business's reach.

1. Participate in the conversation
Engaging your target audience in conversation is one of the most essential aspects of successful online marketing. It's not just about shouting your message at them, but also about finding out what they want and what they think about the products and services you offer. Use TweetGrid and TweetDeck to see what your industry and your audience are saying. Respond to messages and add to the conversation.

2. Valuable and concise tweets
A good tweet is one that is concise, to-the-point, and immediately valuable to whomever reads it. Remember that the best strategy for gaining a Twitter following is not to spam but to deliver messages that are interesting and that resonate immediately with the audience. These messages will get retweeted and gain you followers.

3. See the market trends
Keeping up with the trends of your industry and your customers is essential for your business to stay afloat. Twitter Search and Monitter allow you to search any topic that's relevant to your niche and see what people are saying about it. The more you know about what your market thinks and where trends are headed, the better marketing campaign you'll be able to put together.

4. Interest groups
Creating compelling interest groups where specific industry topics, like search engine optimiztion in San Diego, are discussed is a great way to generate buzz for your brand. Create groups that focus on things that are important to your customers and that people would be eager to talk about.

5. Extending the reach of your blog
The purpose of having a blog as a part of your marketing strategy is to drive traffic to it and increase your brand awareness among potential customers. Use the twitter feed to give your followers instant access to your blog. This will improve your blogs reach and its rankings in search engine results.