Now that everyone is talking about the great twitter purge where Robert Scoble unfollowed over 100000 other twitter users, I'm sure many people will follow (haha) suit. Twitter has risen fast, but its success means that it has also attracted a wealth of spam which Scroble can attest to. For the everyday user though, twitter is still a great platform, and with an abundance of apps that interface with it, it has become the microblogging platform of choice. However, if you fancy giving another service a try, here are five top twitter alternatives if you fancy taking the ultimate twitter purge and moving to a new platform:

Tumblr - Tumblr is a very smooth ride compared to twitter - it is simple and elegant and has tons of free themes. Aimed more at people writing and sharing slightly more than a simple text message worth of info at a time, it is perfect if you want inbuilt text, video and photo sharing.

- now a part of google, Jaiku seems to attract more serious crowd. A good interface makes this a close twitter competitor

Moodmill - a nice simple way to express your mood. You can microblog and at the same time use a sliding coloured scale to show how you feel about a topic - perfect for expressing yourself without emoticons!

- similar to moodmill another way of guaging how happy you are using a scale of 1 to 10. A slicker interface than moodmill with a nice overall "how the world is feeling" score.

- twitter for the German and French markets. Say no more.

Pownce - honourable mention - Pownce is closed.

Having tried each of these services, I have to say, twitter does deserve its place at the top of the pile for its simplicity - something about it just makes it easy to use and slightly more intuitive than the other systems. Tumblr is a great if you want to blog but don't really like the traditional platforms like wordpress or blogger....or if you just need a place to throw down some thoughts, but ultimately, it is slightly too complex; twitter does one thing and does it well! Jaiju is probably the closest twitter competitor at the moment and with a little push from google could become the biggest rival to twitter's empire. Anyway, if you think twitter purge is overrated, then you probably see the inherent value of being visible to the largest possible audience - which is what twitter can do for you grow your twitter followers to the kind of level that Scroble did is not something everyone should try, but getting a large following of tweeters who are interested in what you have to say in your niche is vital for businesses in this day and age.