The shag rug has recently gained a new following. Making its appearance in the 60s and 70s pop culture, these rugs are now making their appearances in many homes all over the world. It is easy to understand its popularity as shag rugs are very attractive. They are soft and puffy, with a great furry look that is comfortable to sit or sink your feet in.

Shags come in many different materials. They are made from natural fibers like wool and cotton, and synthetic materials like nylon, acrylic and polypropylene. Some rugs are a mixture of different materials. There are many differ types of shag rugs that you can find today. They come in many different sizes, shapes and colors and are available in a big price range. That means that you can find an expensive as well as a cheap shag rug for sale quite easily in stores and online.

One of the most commonly found shags is the one made from cotton. These jersey cotton shags are poufy and quite shaggy, as they are made from short and long strands of medium to thick textures which result in a very comfortable dense pile. Among all the shag rugs available, this type is the shaggiest and messiest in appearance. The cotton shags are great in children's rooms and in other casual areas like a family sitting room or the games room.

The other type of shag that is found today is the super luxurious Flokati shag rug. These are made purely from wool and are soft and puffy to the touch. Among all the shags rugs, the Flokati is the most lush and soft. They originally come from Greece where they are handmade using wool from Greece or those imported from New Zealand. They come traditional in off-white, but can be dyed into other colors. The Flokati is also the most expensive type among all shag rugs.

Also using New Zealand wool is the Aros shag rug. The Aros uses felted wool which is much tougher but still retains its soft puffy appearance. Walking on an Aros is like walking on air. These type of shags come is a variety of colors that it will be quite easy to find one to match your room. They look great in any room in the home.

For a more refined and elegant look, you can do no wrong with the leather shag rug. These rugs are made from genuine leather and suede leather, which gives the rug a soft sultry feel. They look smart and classic and are great for your office or any room with a formal setting. The leather shags come in deep red, warm luscious browns, classic black, and white.

Synthetic shags are great looking too. For a really fun and playful looking shag rug, you can opt for the Love Fur shags. These come from Japan and are made from acrylic fibers. The fibers give the rug a very plump attractive appearance. They are very comfortable to sit and play on, and make great additions to the bedroom. Available in many colors, these rugs are satiny soft and plush, and the best thing is that they don't cost an arm and a leg.

There are many great looking shag rugs out there waiting for you to take them home. You can find them in home décor stores or find these floor rugs online. If you want something cheap to start off with, get a synthetic shag rug. For the more serious buyer, then the natural shag rugs are your best bet. You get what you pay for in terms of quality and satisfaction.