Types of Yugioh Traders

After playing Yugioh for such a long time I have come across many different traders in my day. I realized that most traders can be categorized in the list below. Here are traders you should try to trade with, and the traders you should avoid as well. If you want to learn how to profit from trading and selling Yugioh cards read my guide after this: How to make money selling yugioh cards.

Otherwise, enjoy reading about these types of traders!

For your convenience I used Harry Potter characters to give you a visual on what these traders my look like....lol

5. The Kid that Values his cards too high

This little guy just won't trade away that card you need for the right price. In fact he thinks his Oblisk the Tormentor is worth 100$ for some reason, even though you wouldn't give him 3$ for it. He is probably not a good duelist and doesn't understand rulings. They usually are anywhere from ages 8-14 and in all odds want your Malefic Cards. I know sometimes they are hard to make a trade with but honestly you need to spot out these kids because they don't know a 3$ card from a 100$ card, and that means an amazing trade for you....just don't try and get their Exodia....


4. That one girl who comes to locals

A lot of times, this chick is hot....which is crazy. All the Yugidudes look at her while she isn't looking and wish they had a awesome girlfriend like her. Sometimes she has a boyfriend and sometimes she doesn't. These chicks are usually fair traders but they don't get a lot of trades because only the bravest of Yugidudes will approach her...So she looks for good deals. You would assume she doesn't know much about the game but she actually knows her stuff. Women by nature are kind hearted so they won't rip you too hard. Watch out fellas, this chick won't hesitate to use her Poison ivy like charms to trick you into a unfair trade.


3. The Fair Trader

The best person to trade with by far, he is rich and willing to give you the fairest deal plus some to get the cards he needs from you. He's usually the funniest guy at the locals but he is everyone's friend. He always runs weird decks that usually aren't meta, but this is the guy that everyone looks to for a price on a card or fairness of a trade. Make friends with this guy!


2. The know it all

This guy has been around for a long time. He has about 2-4 binders and knows his stuff. He duels well and usually tops at locals. He likes to run meta but has multiple decks. He seems ok, but he will try and undervalue your cards and over value his, he will do his best to convince you of this using his knowledge of the game. He might say things like "that card isn't worth as much now, its going to be banned soon" or "That's going to come out in a Tin soon".......he could be telling you the truth, or he might be pulling your leg. Either way, he wants a deal.

1. The Wannabe/Rage kid

Tough guy huh? He just doesn't care about your feelings or about if he is coming off as rude. This guy wants the deal to go his way or no way at all. He generally dresses like a rapper or a jock and he thinks he is way too cool for yugioh. This guy usually wears a snap back hat. He's in highschool and he's got an attitude when he's trading and when he's dueling. He'll call a judge in a heartbeat and if the ruling doesn't go his way he will complain so everyone can hear him. Avoid this person at all costs....its not worth the trouble..besides he just wants to rip you off.


Thanks for reading! Leave your comments below!