Which Beautfiul Engagement Rings Style Is The Right One For You?

Ever since the Victorian era started glamourizing beautiful engagement rings, we have been a witness to the creation of some of the most unique styles worn by celebrities and other popular personalities. Some most popular engagement rings are also often copied and used as an inspiration to create new styles of diamond wedding ring sets.

Below are 5 types of engagement rings style.

Classic and Beautiful Engagement Rings Style: The Diamond Solitaire

Getting its inspiration from the shape of a diamond as seen on playing cards, the diamond solitaire engagement ring is still one of the most sought after cut. It is considered a classic style and was once the standard shape among the engaged women in the aristocratic world. The younger generation has moved away from this style though. However, this style will most likely continue to be used as it is has signified aristocracy and elitism.

The Most Popular Engagement Rings Style: Tension Setting

The tiffany setting is the most popular contemporary style but the tension setting is rapidly becoming more favoured. It is when the stone (most likely a diamond) is held in place by the two edges of the ring’s band. This gives the illusion of the stone floating in midair.

Elegant Engagement Rings Style: Pave Setting

A third type of setting that is also has a stunning effect is the pave setting. With this kind of setting, the stones (diamonds or diamond-like stones) are embedded within the band of the ring making it look as if the ring was made out of diamonds. Elegant and appealing, it’s no wonder that this type of setting is gaining more popularity.

Uncommon Engagement Rings Style: Colored Gems

Although the colorless diamond is still preferred by many, diamonds or other gems with different colors is now considered some of the most popular engagement rings has increased throughout the years because it gives a classic tradition like an engagement a very contemporary feel. Stones that are yellow, pink, red, blue, brown (or chocolate as most call it) and even black. The industry has also released a new color for diamond wedding ring sets that is said to be a symbol of wealth and status, champagne-colored diamonds. This color is has a tinge of bronze that ranges from lightest to darkest (7 levels).

Affordable and Beautiful Engagement Rings Style: Use of Birthstone

Gems such as sapphires, rubies, opals, and pearls are becoming more and more popular, especially to those couples who are looking for non-conventional engagement rings. While the colored gems are beautiful by themselves, some couples use their birthstones in their engagement rings that add a personal significance to the rings which then also increases its appeal. And like the diamond rings, these rings are also made beautiful through the different ring settings available.

Aside from the types of stones, some engagement rings are considered exquisite because of their unique design. One such example is the twisted band rings. This can be one band with a twist or more ring bands twisted together. In addition to the twist, some of these rings have diamonds (or other gem stones) embedded in the metal twists that adds to this style’s popularity and beauty. Another design that is entirely appealing is the Hercules Knot. This is an ancient Greek symbol that means the strongest bond of love.


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The Diamond Solitaire

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Tension Setting Engagement Ring

Pave Setting Engagement Ring

Pave Setting Engagement Ring(111035)

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Engagement Ring with Colored Gems

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Birthstone for Engagement Rings