Eye Irritation and Remedies

Irritation of the eyes can be described in simple terms as a sensation or some form of soreness and sometimes pain. But what leads to irritated eyes? Before we delve in to that, it’s worth noting that the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts in our bodies and are very susceptible to stress and strain.

The two most rampant causes of irritation are weariness and hypersensitivity. Irritation may also be as a result pain particularly ocular and orbital pain. Whereas ocular pain is mostly on the surface, orbital pain is emitted from the inner surface.

To shed more light on this, below is a comprehensive look at various types of irritation and natural remedies to ease the pain.

1. Eyelid Irritation… The eyelid irritation is known around medical circles as blepharitis. This is a relatively widespread condition that leads to the redness of and swelling of the eyes. It is also characterized by a visible build up around the corners of the eye. Luckily it poses no significant threat to proper eyesight although the build-up at the corners of the eyes might cause some form of discomfort in regards to your appearance in public.




Rough texture of the surrounding areas.

Placid irritation.


A feel of alien materials.

4 More Types of Eye Irritations

2. Sties… A bacterial infection close or around the bottom of the eyelash is the main cause of sties. The bacteria accumulate and ultimately grow at the bottom of the eyelash, thus causing irritation. Although this type of irritation is widespread it is occasionally serious although it comes with negligible amounts of pain.


· An emergence of lumps that look like pimples near or around the bottom of the eyelash.

· The lump develops further after several days as the pain increases.

· Eventual burst of the lump and drain.

3. Conjunctivitis … Conjunctivitis also referred to as pinkeye is a type of irritation that is brought about by tenderness of the conjunctiva hence the name. For starters the conjunctiva is the thin, usually clear tissue that is located above the eyes white part and the lines in the eyelid.

It is brought about by bacteria and viruses and is easily transferable from one person to the other. It poses no significant health risks especially when it’s diagnosed upon detection. If your newborn baby has irritated eyes arising out of an infection from conjunctivitis you should see the doctor straight away. 

While the symptoms may differ depending on the cause, the common symptoms include:

· The white part of the eye appears red.

· There is an increased amount of tears.

· A discharge, usually yellow in color is experienced after sleep.

· Impaired vision.

· Heightened sensitivity to light.

· Green or white discharges.

· Burning and itchy.

4. Orbital Cellutis… This is a sharp infection of tissues neighboring your eye including the cheek, eyebrow and the eyelids. If not addressed early enough, it may lead to other serious infections and there is need therefore to seek immediate medical attention at the onset.


Reduced vision.


The upper and lower eyelid, cheek and eyebrow become engorged.

Moving the eyes becomes painful.


Purple, usually shiny eyelid.

The patient may feel generally ill and weak.

5. Keratis… Keratis is basically the inflammation of the cornea. It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked with an infection. It may be brought about by injuries, wearing contact lenses for long periods or other diseases. It can be brought about by parasites and bacteria.


Increase sensitivity to light.

Reduced eyesight.


Opening of the eye becomes painful due to irritation.

The eyes turn red.

Natural Remedies for Eye Irritation

Irritation in the eye can be addressed through the following natural methods:

· Regularly using  eye exercises to improve vision.

· Regularly washing with herbal eye-washes which are very effective in cooling and reducing eye strain.

· Applying honey directly may help in lowering the level of irritation.

· Applying elderberry blossom tea which is very effective in soothing the discomfort.

· Eating a diet rich in essential EYE vitamins like A and C. Using Vitamins and Herbs also helps keep your eyes healthy.

While most of the above outlined eye irritations are not known to cause any serious problems, they should be attended to however minor to avoid complications in the future.