Know your alcoholic glassware

There are many different types of wine glasses out there

You've spent the time to learn the major differences between a decent red wine versus a decent white wine, and maybe even taken the time to watch some videos, go to some wine tastings, and educate yourself even further on good vintages from the mediocre ones.  Now you're set to go, right?  Well unless you want to throw away all that positive image your hard work has accomplished with a plastic red Dixie cup, it's probably important for you not to forget about wine glasses - because they matter.  And not every glass is exactly the same.  While this article won't cover every single option you have available, for a quick education I invite you to read on to see some of the best options you have when shopping for the ideal glassware for your favorite red or white vintage.

Crystal wine glasses

Crystal wine glasses are some of the fanciest and most decorative options you're going to find out there.  These are generally high end glassware that feature decorative stems and bases.  Some will even continue with the crystalline design moving up to the bottom of the base.  You'll know if you've seen this type of glassware before, because crystal wine glasses really stand out.  They are among some of the most popular decorative high end wine glasses out there, and it's definitely not hard to see why. 

Generally these you keep for display and bring out for only special occasions (free tip: make sure to clean and dust the day before any special occasion).  If you're going to go for crystal then prepare to open up the wallet because they will be a bit pricy: but you absolutely can't beat the level of elegance and class that this style of wine glass radiates to your guests.  Crystal wine glasses are glasses that your honored guests will remember.

Painted Wine Glasses

Painted wine glasses are a little bit different compared to your regular run of the mill versions, and they also come in a wide range of styles.  Some are meant to be simple and fun, bringing more of that "down to earth" tone while others are designed in a way that still shows a lot of attention paid t0 the higher end artisan work.  These vary widely from fairly inexpensive to very expensive depending on the style and design.  These types of glasses are hard to categorize just because of that variation.  Some simple designs or looks will appear childish to some but fun to others.  On the other hand, there are some very high end wine glasses that indicate a deep respect by the artisan for their work, and that energy and skill translates to an impressive display.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses can cause some arguments from purists who don't like the idea of eliminating both the stem and the base for what often looks like a smaller version of a brandy snifter.  Some stemless wine glasses have further little grooves towards the top to help your fingers hold them more frimly, while others simply have a slightly flatter bottom for being able to place on a table.  These are very popular with some individuals, while others aren't big fans at all.  You can imagine what traditionalists think of these "missing half the glass" versions of a wine glass - but for others they're outstanding.  What do you think about this definitely unconventional design?

Regular Wine Glasses

While going for "regular" design wine glasses might not sound fancy or high end, but what's wrong with the traditional wine glass?  Other than maybe not always being quite as large as you'd like while enjoying a particularly fine vintage, in my opinion nothing!  Wine glasses by what they are seem to indicate class and style without having to spruce it up even more.  Basic wine glasses indicate class, indicate style, and they are perfect for an individual or for group enjoyment!  Even if you have an elegant set of engraved or crystal glasses, it still makes sense to have a regular set of these wine glasses for normal use.  Even owning a normal set of these will help indicate knowldge, class, and just a bit of culture.

Champagne Flutes

There are many other types of wine glasses, but champagne flutes get attention all their own.  Originally I didn't know that champagne ended up with their own glasses, but flutes are thinner than regular wine glasses and that narrow set up allows for a smaller amount of celebratory bubbly to go a long way.  If you're throwing a New Year's Party this year - don't go with wine glasses for the champagne.  Trust me, even casual drinkers often know the difference.  If you want to host those events right, make sure to get the champagne flutes.

Those are some of the finest styles of glasses out there.  Make sure to find some that suit your style and needs, and enjoy your favorite vino!