Everyone knows that the gun you choose can make a huge difference in the success of your hunting trip, but there are a few essential accessories that can add to the success, as well as the enjoyment of your trip. Do not overlook the importance of these items when you head out for your next trip.

1) Clothing: you want to make sure you are comfortable, and able to move around easily in your clothes. If they do not fit correctly, it can be a long, unpleasant day. Water-resistant shoes are also a must.
2) Knife: The knife that you take with you is extremely important. Something durable and reliable, like a Buck Knives brand knife is essential. There are many uses for a knife when out hunting, so make sure you have a good one.
3) Backpack: Whether you are headed out for one morning or for a weekend, having a reliable backpack can be very helpful. Camelbak makes many different styles and sizes of backpacks for hunting, hiking, camping, fishing and more. You will need a place for anything you need other than your gun, and a backpack is the best and safest solution.
4) Scopes and Binoculars: Whether you attach extra scopes to your gun, or carry your binoculars separately, any way you can increase the quality of your vision is extremely essential.
5) Finally, you want to make sure you always bring extra ammunition. It can be a huge bummer to run out of ammunition mid-trip. Bring the right ammunition for your gun, and bring lots of it to have a long and successful hunting trip.

There are a few other, smaller things that you probably want to pack in your backpack. Make sure you bring a compass and/or a map along. It's really bad, and often dangerous to get lost in the woods. You will also want some extra scent control. The longer you are out, the more likely you are to sweat or emit human odors, so bring some extra scents along to mask your natural smell. Also, it is always a good idea to bring a Brunton Stove with your supplies.