More than understood, teamwork needs to be experienced. Only by participating in the thrill of the group can anyone truly understand the power of teamwork in the work environment. In this economy, most companies don't want to invest in expensive team building, even when they enjoy a high ROI. What's great about team building is that it can be done on a shoestring budget and still be quality. Let's take a look at 5 unique team building activities.

The Drum Cafe
The Drum Cafe helps to break down organizational barriers through the powerful unification of rhythm and drumming. Your team will learn to work together by experiencing the rhythm of the group. Unlike other motivational programs, the Drum Cafe delivers fun. Imagine your team drumming together in a single rhythm, learning to flow as one in mutual harmony. Discover the power of making your own music as you become part of the whole. Form a whole new team outlook through the power and unity of team building drumming.

Team Building at a Winery
It's not like you have to trick your employees into attending motivational activities at a winery. Most likely, they'll jump for the chance. Once they're there, they'll interact in ways that aren't possible in a traditional office setting. Guards will be let down as employees learn to make natural bonds outside of the strict workplace environment. It's a great way to make bonds as you learn to work as a team.

Obstacle Course
There's nothing better for group collaboration than the challenges of an obstacle course, the more confusing, the better. As employees get into the challenge of an activity, they'll discover new ways to work together in spontaneous and memorable ways.

Truth and Lies
Each person starts this activity with a truthful statement and a lie. The group then tries to tell the difference, discussing why they've made their conclusions In the process, they learn about their coworkers and form meaningful bonds. This is a good ice breaking activity.

Fancy Dress Party
Participants are asked to imagine attending a fancy dinner party, discussing what they'd wear to the occasion. It's a great chance for employees to get to know each other while sharing something personal.