Every February 14th we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Day.   This one day out of the year is officially devoted to the love we have for our significant other.  Whether its gifts, dinners, trips, candy, or something else, we look for ways to show our appreciation and love for that special person.  For many of us, we struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or celebration.

Here are 5 Valentine’s Day ideas to get you started:

1.  Mix it up!

Many lovers wait to start celebrating this special day until the evening – after most of the day is gone.  This year, mix it up and start early.  Make him or her breakfast in bed (and don’t forgot that flower!).  Staring the day this way will set the stage for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

2.  Give a gift that lasts!

Instead of buying a box of chocolates, consider a personal gift card from you that offers something personal and romantic.  If your significant other enjoys sentimental movies, then offer a trip to the theater for a movie of his or her choosing.  Or, your gift card can offer 3 meals made (and cleaned up) by you.  The trick is to give them something they value – your time and attention.

3.  Skip the fancy dinner!

 Rather than make reservations at the hippest restaurant in town, get a picnic basket and fill it with some of your significant other’s favorites (wine, cheese, grapes, or fried chicken and mashed potatoes).  Then grab some blankets and have an impromptu picnic in a park or at the beach.  If the weather won’t allow for you to be outdoors, then have the picnic at home in front of the fireplace.

4.  Create a unique personalized gift.

One idea is to preserve your favorite photo in lucite or have it printed on acrylic.  Search Google for “lucite art” and you’ll find vendors that can take one of your photos and print it in vibrant color on the back of thick, clear acrylic blocks.  These blocks bounce light and reflect your photo through its sides, which give a dynamic effect.

5.  Don’t buy chocolate, make it!

Another great idea is to enjoy your own chocolate fondue at home.  There are home fondue makers and even chocolate fondue fountains.  Add some strawberries and champagne and you have the makings for a romantic evening.

These are a few great Valentine’s Day ideas, but the search does not have to end here.  With a little thought and planning, you can create a unique and memorable Valentine’s Day for you and your significant other.


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