Sheepskin has been used on this earth for hundreds of years and the most widely used application has thus far been for rugs. I know sheepskin boots and other Uggs are most likely the most accepted in the younger generations, but who's keeping track anyway? Sheepskin rugs are an amazing piece of home decoration for just about any room, but besides that, there are several other great uses for sheepskins both inside and out of the house.

I want to take you folks outside the box a little and talk about some other places people are making use of sheepskin rugs. I know the home is still the most conventional but try and think where else you'd like to have a rug, perhaps something for traveling or even yoga?

Sheepskin Baby Rugs:

The most booming area of sheepskin lately has been with newborns and moms for a few really good reasons. Sheepskin rugs are hypoallergenic so your baby won't be coughing or sneezing all the time, and the dust won't stand a chance collecting on it. The baby sheepskin rugs are great because you can bring them into the stroller and the car seat for extra comfort and warmth.

Sheepskin Medical Rugs:

Sheepskin rugs have been used in the health arena for sometime now in everything from bedding, to wheelchair comfort and much more. The Royal Melbourne Hospital, the CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology Leather Research Centre have tested and confirmed the advantages of medical sheepskin in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer treatment. The comfort level in which the rugs present are hard to beat.

Motorcycle Sheepskin Rugs:

Although almost every motorcycler knows the advantages of a sheepskin rug for those long journey's, the newbies still might not know the wonders. Since sheepskin rugs can do both keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, they make ideal companions for any biker. You can get the rugs in black so they easily mesh and blend in with your motorcycle seat.

Sheepskin Pet Rugs:

Lately there have been more and more pampered dogs and cats and pet owners have realized that they love sheepskin. Your pets also enjoy a nice cozy and warm place to snuggle up in and the plush sheepskin fur makes for a perfect lounging spot. My own cat loves to curl up on his rug and sleep the day away, so I know first hand from experience.

Sheepskin Yoga Rugs:

This last one here came to me as a surprise, but with Yoga more popular then ever, I started noticing Yoga mats made out of sheepskin popping up. The material makes for a perfect alternative to your foam mat, but it also sets you apart from everyone else. These are great especially if you find yourself hating Yoga because of the flimsy mats.

I hope this gave you folks some interesting shopping ideas for your next sheepskin purchase. Remember than the rugs come in almost every size, but the usual ones are single, double, quad, sexto and octo. Most sheepskin shops will make you a custom sized rug if you need something specific, so shop around!