sample slippers

Everywhere you look, one obviously sees evolution in style and fashion. People's approach to dressing is so diverse that one can actually notice variation. Even when wearing slippers, you can easily find a nice pair that comes in assorted colors and quality. At present, contemporary pieces are available from rubber to Chinese patterns. Out of the two, the latter is definitely more striking because it is more eccentric, yet stylish. Below are some worth mentioning varieties such as:

  • Mesh

Moisture is unlikely to occur since the opening makes it possible for the air to enter; thereby, allowing feet to breathe. Ideal even for children since the soles are made from rubber; thus, it prevents slippage. Another feature that makes these goods highly saleable is the embellishment made of beads and sequins. The ornamentation along with the vast shades of colors makes a good combination.

  • Embroidery brocade

Made from synthetic fabric, brocade has been very useful when it comes to slipper production. The design along with the cloth button complements well with each other.

  • Embroidered satin

A glossy textile, satin perfectly characterizes Chinese merchandise. As you can see, most of their goods have more or less the same raw materials. The embroidery is just a supplementary accessory that accentuates elegance.

  • Baboosh Chinela

A variant of brocade, this type is made from polyester fabric, which weighs approximately 30gm. So lightweight, consumers find it very comfortable to use even when prolonged periods of time. Available sizes are 36 -39 only; however, you can always ask manufacturer to have a customized fit.

  • Blick Chinese

If you want to have a nice pair of unique slip-ons, try out this blick black flat. It is accented with pink flowers and gold trims to highlight design. However if you want to try on other shades, you may do so by ordering for a custom-made product.

Always think of chinese slippers as perfect presents for all occasion. So affordable, it won't hurt your budget at all.