• Pizza

    The best pizzas truly are vegetarian!

    For those of you already not eating meat, you will know this already. However, for non-vegetarians don’t underestimate the power of removing meat from your selection next time you’re stuck on choice. There’s a multitude of alternatives available, yes you can go the stock standard “Vegetarian” that’s on the menu. Still what you might notice these days is that many pizza bars are expanding their meatless menu. This may well be as a result of trying to make their options a little healthier, which only make it better for us vegetarians! My local pizza bar has a choice that has a spicy hot tomato base sauce, mushrooms, onion, capsicum and….. HAM! What do we want ham for when we’re vegetarians? Once day I asked for that particular pizza, without the ham, I soon discovered it was the tastiest option available and I order it all the time!

    • Sushi

    Sushi bars seem to be springing up everywhere!

    Walking down the local city streets, there’s one on every corner. Again, you will notice that there a lot of vegetarian options available, including the availability of the sushi packs which include the deep fried bean curd wraps (sounds disgusting? Taste is awesome!). Sushi bars work particularly well for Pescetarians (people who still eat fish and shellfish) as there’s sashimi, tuna and lobster and calamari options always present! One of the other good factors of Sushi is that it’s quick and easy to grab on the run!

    • Indian

    You may not be aware, but India has an extremely large populace who are vegetarian.

    From quick internet search it’s estimated at about 31%, which considering the number of people living there is astronomical! This makes for perfect option for take out in Western culture. Much like Sushi Bars, Indian fast food outlets are everywhere. The vast majority of the menus will be dominated by vegetarian options of curries and other meatless dishes. Aloo Gobi is an excellent Indian cuisine where the main ingredient is potatoes! Many of the side-dishes of samosa’s and naan bread also complement well for a quick dinner option. Don’t like spicy food? Simply ask them to remove the chilli or make the dish “mild” when ordering!

    • Subway

    Initially I was hesitant to use a franchised outlet in this article.

     In saying that, it is truly another quick and easy option for vegetarians for take out dinner. Although there are not many meat alternatives other than the veggie patties (or tuna if you eat fish/shellfish) they do have a huge range of salads, dressings and cheeses (if you still eat cheese?). Try changing up your standard combination of ingredients, pay the extra and add beetroot or avocado to your sandwich.  Try it with different dressings, toasted or fresh. Once you start to recognise the diversity available with the salad combinations it does become an excellent, quick option for dinner on the run!

    • Mexican

      Mexican food as a fast food option is fantastic!

      The main benefit above all the others is beans! All legumes are packed with a high amount of protein which is great for vegetarians!

      The availability of rice dishes also makes for a great alternative to meat. Order a bean burrito on the run, or grab some nachos with bean base and lashings of salsa, sour cream and avocado!

      These are just a few of the options that I’ve found are great fast food cuisines as a vegetarian.

      What are some of your favourites? Share your experiences below!