5 Versions of Violence

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     Have you ever experienced violence either directly and indirectly from a person, group or groups of people? Then you know that violence can be very devastating and comes in many forms, not just physical violence. In fact there are five major types of violence that can drastically affect your life and how you feel about yourself. Violence can strike at your very core and damage you in ways that you cannot even imagine. The hurt can last for an entire lifetime and dictate how a person acts in certain situations; possibly leading to avoiding social situations all together. Here are the five major types of violence to watch for; what they are like and how you can avoid it.

  • Physical:  Everyone is familiar with physical violence, sadly we witness it every day on television and in the movies. Night after night people watch heroes use violence to solve their problems; destroying everything in sight in the process. More and more young girls and boys are learning the art of violence and putting it to good use. Physical violence is the most common and easily recognized form of violence and can be avoided by steering clear of violent people and places(if possible). If a bully is being physically violent to you then SPEAK OUT! Let someone know what is going on so you will not have to put up with such contemptible behavior.
  • Emotional: Most people are also aware that their feelings can get hurt and sometimes on purpose; this classifies as emotional violence. Someone putting you down, squashing your feelings, insulting you, belittling and battering you with their cruel words until your self esteem is at an all time low. This can be incredibly damaging to a person and irrevocably change their lives for the worst; because the hurt can go on forever. If someone is doing these things to you then they are using emotional violence and it must be stopped. This is the hallmark of the abusive relationship and you need to get away from this person or persons doing this to you. Again, reach out for help in any way you can and although it looks like there may be no way out, there is always a chance.
  • Economic: Economic violence can occur on a worldwide scale and is in fact happening at this very moment; however it can also happen when someone is using money to control your thoughts or actions in a way that hurts yourself or others. This kind of violence is also prevalent in abusive relationships but also may occur when someone actually steals from you; taking your purse or wallet with all you had in it. If so often plays out in a relationship where one person denies the other of any economic power whatsoever. A husband over a wife for example or the International Monetary Fund working with the third world. You have to find your own source of economic power if you are going to break out of this rather nasty prison. Getting your own business going or getting a job may be the only fix but can be incredibly difficult when confronted with someone who uses physical as well as economic violence to get their way. You may have to physically leave the violent element in your life behind before you can begin to build your own economic power.
  • Spiritual: Has anyone ever attacked your religious beliefs, no matter what they might be? Has anyone ever attacked your gender or sexual orientation using a particular religion as an excuse to carry on a campaign of death and destruction over one particular part of the population they disagree with? Spiritual violence is everywhere and people are using all kinds of texts and religious books to give them an excuse to rule over others and dominate their lives. Jesus did not mention any of this when he was talking about loving each other and, I believe, that he would agree that spiritual violence is a perversion of everything he has taught. You can't get away from this kind of violence, the only thing to do is trying to fight it so, perhaps, the next generation will not feel the blunt of the attack.
  • Sexual: Sexual violence is rampant across the entire population of earth. People are being raped and killed constantly and very little is being done about it. Being raped is like someone reaching into the very center of your being and violating it so that no matter how hard you curl up into a ball you cannot escape the feeling of their creepy grip on your very soul. Its brutal and should not be happening yet the public does little and the court systems are laughable. Do what you can to protect yourself; get to someplace safe. Always be on your guard because sexual violence can come from strangers and friend alike. A close friend of mine attended a party with a friend when she was very young; about 15. This friend was supposed to protect her and yet ended up watching the door while four of his friends raped her. Be careful, be aware and take a self defense course if available. Don't go jogging alone and keep to well lit and well populated areas. Above all, listen to the people who care about you.

     There are at least five kinds of violence that we are going to face in our daily lives. It's not just physical violence that we have to watch out for. These types of violence permeate every aspect of our human civilization and will keep us from achieving the spectacular potential that we have as a species. Our hyper-violent and sexualized society will spiral out of control as more and more people become more and more violent. Pay attention to the different kinds of ways people can be violent towards you and don't stand for it! Speak up! Step away from the perpetrators and only spend your time on loving, caring people. There are a lot of them out there in this world but it's our job to find them. Good-Luck!

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