As a wedding filmmaker, you have a big responsibility to capture a very special day in the lives of your clients. With all of the busyness and hustle that a wedding day can bring, it can be easy to be overwhelmed. Raising and lowering tripods and running around with bulky camera sliders can be taxing and stressful. Here is a list of 5 essential pieces of film equipment that are both nifty and often overlooked, but will make help your day go a lot smoother.

5. Zacuto Z-Finder

Trying to compose a great shot during a wedding can be difficult with the glare from the sun on your LCD screen. It's crucial that you get your subject in focus and even a slight misinterpretation of what you see on your screen can cost you a very important piece of footage and render it unusable. A great portable solution to this problem is the Zacuto Z-Finder. Although it is in the higher price range, the Zacuto Z-Finder provides a snug view finder that transforms your LCD screen into a focused tool for maximum finesse.

4. Rode Video Mic Pro

You can't have great video without great audio. Having a video mic plugged straight into your camera can provide you with both primary or back up audio and can alleviate some of the pressure off your back. It's a great feeling to know that where ever you go, audio recording will follow.

Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R with Rycote Lyre Shockmount
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(price as of Oct 19, 2016)

3. Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool

The Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool is the utility belt to the filmmaker's Batman. Armed with pliers, wire cutters, flat head and phillips screwdrivers, along with an array of other tools like bottle openers and metal files, the Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool is the perfect sidekick for your wedding shoot. Whether it's screwing and unscrewing quick release plates or adjusting tripods, you'll never find yourself unable to solve a problem with this nifty tool.

Leatherman - Wingman Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel
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(price as of Oct 19, 2016)

2. Benro Monopod

An important distinction that will set professional filmmakers apart from amateur filmmakers is the concise intentionality behind how you use the camera. With the fast paced nature of weddings, it is easy to feel like you're at the mercy of the schedule and unable to get all the shots you want. The monopod is a versatile filmmaking tool that will help wedding filmmakers achieve a steady and precise composition as well as afford the luxury of time and mobility in a fast paced environment. This one investment alone will take your wedding filmmaking to the next level.

1. Neewer V2-370 Pro DSLR Camera Slider

If you're a professional wedding filmmaker, having a camera slider has gone from a luxury to a somewhat of a necessity. The time you spend on setting up the sliders can be time spent capturing important moments in the day. Unlike other sliders, the Neewer V2-370 Pro DSLR Camera Slider is a compact and invaluable alternative to the more traditional sliders in the market. The sliding length of this slider can almost double the length of the track by extending the track using two parallaxing mounts, one for the camera and one for the tripod. This gives the slider a huge ergonomic advantage.