There are a couple of practical things you can do to make the habit of Facebook-ing more beneficial. Starting now!

1.    Re-look your close friend lists

In your life, there are friends that constantly inspire you with their stories or brighten up your days with their jokes. There are people who simply enjoy showing off their rich lives with fancy belongings and exotic holidays.  There are also people who are always miserable or never happy. 

Similarly, there’s a good mix of people whom I like to call as “people of different genres” on Facebook. And if Facebook is your everyday affair, it’s your job to pick the right genres.

By picking your genres and labeled them as “Close friends” you have actually chosen to build positive emotions every time you log in. You like jokes, friend funny people. You love branded stuff, flood your page with those. You need inspiration everyday, sign up to like-minded people. And of course, include in your list people you truly care about. You will feel good. Feeling positive is the start of many other amazing things in your day.

2.    Un-friend the time wasters

There are real “time-wasters” on Facebook. They are those who add no flavors to your life other than telling you what they ate yesterday. It’s true that Facebook is about being updated to what your friends are doing or up to. But it shouldn't JUST be about that. If you love food, and a friend of yours keeps you updated with new good-food places, it’s fantastic. Otherwise, you don't want to waste your time with boring people who write meaningless status to spend their time meaninglessly. Just have a quick glance of the news feed on your page, you will easily spot out the time wasters. Un-friend them.

3.    Do not passively read the status thread

After you have done the steps above, your Facebook page should be pretty spot-on to your interest and hobby. It’s time to use the content to its best value.

  • Be curious and discover the things that your friends share. May it be a link, or a site or a blog, chances are you will find something great and simply enjoy it.
  • Be open-minded. You will feel much greater if you don’t bring your judgmental mind everywhere.
  • Live with envy in a positive way. Imagine you are really into traveling. Trekking the globe is one of your dreams of a lifetime. However, you have not managed to do much of traveling for some reasons (family, finance, job, business, etc.). Then, you keep seeing updates of a friend, who seems to have less academic or professional success than you do, are traveling the world and living your dream. I understand how annoying it feels. A surge of jealousy can literally kill your mood. So, instead of feeling pity for yourself or blaming it on your life, start planning your holiday. Pick a destination you really want to go to and do all the homework. You can write to that friend and openly ask about the budget needed for the trip. The fact is people like to show off their holiday pictures on Facebook. But they are also super-helpful when someone whole-heartedly asks them about how to make the trip happen. With a more intimate conversation, your friend may be able to share with you some tips to make the trip more enjoyable or even less costly.
  • Open your hearts to your friends. A happy wish, a word of condolences, a piece of advice, a signal of sympathy…can make the difference to your friends’ life and yours. Just mean what you say Just be sincere.

 4.    If you love Facebook, do not make it a name of a drug

Balance your real life and Facebook life. Do not make sacrifice in your real life for the virtual one. Do not spend more time than you deem fit. Acknowledge or allow your trusted ones to point out to you when you’ve gone a bit too far.

 5.    Develop a business from Facebook

If you have a unique personality with some strong passion, think BIGGER when you use Facebook. Think of creating a business of your own. The free Facebook Fan Page is a great place to start to direct your audiences or your fans to your product or services.

Happy Facebook-ing!