6 Free Promotion Methods

1. Facebook & Guest Writers

It goes without saying that the most important promotional tool for bloggers is facebook. I make sure to share all of my articles on facebook. I also invite a number of my friends to write on the site. When they share the articles they have written, the link reaches between 100 & 300 more people that I am not friends with.

2. best-reviewers.com

This site allows you to create Top 10 lists (although they don't have to be 10, they can be Top 3, Top 5, etc.) and tag your website within the list. The site also offers 100% adsense revenue sharing on top of the free promotion.

3. Yahoo Answers

I write a blog about baseball. Every day I log on to Yahoo Answers and post answers to questions that reference teams or players I have written about. Yahoo allows a link to accompany each answer as a source of information you used to get the answer.

4. Profile Pages

Every website that allows you to create a Profile and add personal information is an opportunity to promote your website. For exmaple, I review baseball books I read. Within my Amazon profile I have included information about my website. There have been a number of individuals who have visited my website after seeing my reviews and checking out my Amazon profile. Yahoo and Google also have social networking-type aspects that can drive viewers to your profile and  ultimately to your blog.

5. Infobarrel

Chances are, if you're reading this then you are already aware of the benefits of infobarrel. I have used infobarrel to promote my blog to a lesser degree than the other methods listed. Still, I can link from relevant Infobarrel articles to my website to increase traffic. Like best-reviewers.com Infobarrel also offers revenue sharing.

6. Real Life Promotion

(*this method may cost a small amount of money for printer ink & paper*) Sometimes we forget that there are options to promote our blogs without using the internet. I live in an urban area and whenever I ride the train, bus or a cab I leave a small card or slip of paper with my URL. I used to use stickers but the paper used to print those is a bit more expensive. Business cards are an option but are also a little pricey. Simply type your URL at about size 24 font onto plain paper, cut all those little strips out and leave them in the public places you visit to promote your blog.

Extra: Non-Profit Sponsor Promotion

This method costs a bit of money but I thought it was effective so I added it. Non-profit organizations often hold fundraising events and sell ad space at the events. Many website owners make donations to non-profit agencies as a sponser and in turn have their URL posted around the event. This is especially effective if your blog is regionally specific. For example, sponsoring events in a town with a baseball team that you cover on your blog will increase the potential for new visitors to your site. Many non-profit agencies will allow sponsors to advertise for as little as $25.

Extra: Shirts!

This method also costs money but I included it because it's fun. It's as simple as purchasing t-shirts and using iron-on transfer printer paper to make custom shirts for your blog. Keep in mind it's always best to tweak the URL a bit (don't just have a straight horizontal URL) and if you can make a logo that'd be great as well.

I hope these ideas were helpful. Have fun promoting!