Get Twitter Followers: 5 Essential Tips

TwitterCredit: Wikimedia Commons

One: Tweet as often as you can. Do not expect your Twitter account to attract followers without maintaining a regular flow of tweets.  Whether you are promoting a website, your blog or business or simply seeking social contact, tweeting often with relevant and quality content is essential. If you want the benefits Twitter followers can deliver, keep your account ticking over. Not only will this attract more followers, regular tweeting should also help you retain the followers you have as well as preventing yourself from being 'unfollowed.'

Two:  Promotion, promotion, promotion. No doubt you are using your Twitter account to promote something. Be it yourself, your interests your talents or business. Likewise, using your own website or blog to promote your Twitter account is an effective strategy to gain followers. A simple sidebar with 'Follow (name) On Twitter' button will suffice. Be wary of over promoting yourself on your Twitter timeline. Being seen as a spammer will guarantee a loss of followers.

Three: Follow others. A failsafe way of attracting people on Twitter is to follow them first. The alert they receive will more often than not encourage them to check out your profile, tweets and timeline. Obviously, what you have to offer will be of interest and a 'follow-back' should be virtually assured. Avoid the urge to randomly follow anyone and everything. If you have no interest in say, chemical fertilizer, why follow a chemical fertilizer company?

Four: Converse. Interactivity is key to social media and Twitter is no exception. Engage your followers in conversation, offer opinions on your own interests, content and links and don't be embarrassed or afraid to seek help or advice. Similarly, if you feel you have something to offer be sure to give something back. A suggestion, proposition or offer of help is a sure-fire way of attracting attention and of course, followers. Retweeting and commentating on your followers content and links will build relationships and get you noticed.

Five: Keep it relevant. A random, scatter gun approach to Twitter is in my experience a self-defeating exercise. Attracting more followers to your Twitter account may well be about getting noticed, however, being noticed for tweeting irrelevant nonsense is not the way to go. For instance, if a group of your followers are discussing the best way to attract more traffic to their website, a tweet about re-painting your ceiling is not going to do you any favours. On the other hand, it will no doubt be the cause of much derision and a signal for them to hit the dreaded 'unfollow' button.

Tweet as often as is practical and keep in mind quality-over-quantity. Promote yourself and your interests but never over do it. Follow other users with similar interests. Engage your followers in conversation, offer opinions and help and be prepared to give something back. Finally, keep your tweets interesting, humourous, meaningful and relevant to the debate.

Happy tweeting.