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If you are suffering with fatigue on a daily basis for three weeks or more, then it is best to rule out if it could be being caused by an underlying medical problem. For example, heart disease, thyroid disease and anemia among other things could be at the root of the problem. This article is designed to assist with sleep deprivation caused by more general lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

StressCredit: hotblack1. Lower Your Stress Levels

Certainly this is far easier said than done, but did you realize that stress could be having a highly detrimental effect on your energy levels, tiredness and emotions? This is because when you are stressed out and feeling exhausted, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. This then means that you will feel more tired and it is your body’s way of saying ‘stop and slow down, because you need more rest’.

Finding ways to alleviate stress can be very difficult, especially if you work in a highly pressured environment on a daily basis. Therefore, your ‘me time’ has to include you looking after yourself to improve the situation.

If you can find time to work out at the gym then this can be great for your body, not only physically but because feel-good hormones get released during exercise called endorphins. You will then feel like you have more energy and a ‘spring in your step’.

Alternatively, try putting on your favorite music and closing your eyes. Having a warm bath, going out into the fresh air for a walk, or spending time with friends are also great ways to help you. These activities could counteract the stress in your life that could be contributing to your fatigue symptoms.

 2. Cut Back On Caffeine 

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If tip one relates to you and you are a highly stressed individual, or often find yourself under pressure, then it is likely that you are also using caffeine as a crutch. How many people enjoy that hot cup of coffee or tea each morning before work to ‘perk themselves up?’ Caffeine can become dangerously addictive as essentially of course, it is a drug.

Insomnia, headaches and raised blood pressure[2] are just some of the short and long term effects that drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages could have on your body. Using caffeine as stimulant is therefore only going to mask the true nature of your fatigue.

If you can lower your intake somewhat then you would be making progress. There are so many delicious herbal teas out there to choose from that the choice of flavors is endless. If you can make a switch such as this then you may find you will feel less fatigued.

In addition, lowering your alcohol intake could help with fatigue too because when you drink alcoholic beverages, you will always have a lighter sleep. This is due to alcohol interfering with your brain shutting off completely during sleep. If fatigue is really dominating your life and making you unhappy and unproductive, then these small changes could truly make a difference for you.

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3. Optimum Weight

Do you feel that you are at your perfect weight at the moment? If you feel like you could make improvements to your health by losing weight, then you may also improve your fatigue symptoms in the process as well. This is because when one carries around excess weight, it can put pressure on the back, spine, knees and more.

The extra weight that you are carrying can put pressure on your heart, slowing you down. Also, it can make your metabolism feel more sluggish. You will not feel like you have any energy, as it can be physically exhausting or physically difficult for you to move.

Doing more exercise is the way forward but so is eating the right sorts of food. Start today with your next meal and have something healthy. Go for a walk to specifically find a healthy lunch and you will boost your self-esteem in the process. You deserve to feel great about yourself but you are the only person who can help yourself. No-one else can do the job of motivating you for you, this has to come from within.

So here is an exercise to help; picture your ideal self going about your daily activities and think how that feels, how you look and how people are interacting with you. Think about the clothes you are wearing and how great that feels. Step into your ideal self and start believing this could become a reality, because you can achieve this. Do not let your weight make you feel tired and run down , regain control and fight back and your fatigue will be a thing of the past. In addition you will feel confident and your self esteem will sky rocket.

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Talking about how you are feeling with a loved one could really help your situation. Maybe you are feeling fatigued because you are running around after your children and you need more support from your partner. Perhaps you have been picking up too many extra shifts at work and now your energy levels are faltering?

It is all about balance. Sometimes solutions to these problems can be found through sitting down and talking with a loved one. In addition, there is evidence to suggest that talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy can help reduce fatigue levels.

Tell people how you are feeling and you may be surprised that others are in the same situation as you. Working on such issues together could be the way forwards for you.

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5. Extra Tips

Having naps in the day time can actually be detrimental to fatigue. This is because the human body prefers routine and patterns to function at its optimum levels. Getting up and going to bed at the same times each day or following this advice whenever possible, could greatly contribute to reducing your tiredness symptoms.

Even if you only consciously remember this and attempt to implement it with a small amount of success, you will be making an improvement for the better.  Have you tried having a hot bath before bed? This could be soothing and help to lower high blood pressure levels too. Getting a full eight hours sleep if possible will also go a long way towards assisting to get rid of your tiredness.

I hope that these few tips on combating fatigue can be of some assistance to you.

Below is a You Tube video from Kevin Dobrzynski with several tips to help fatigue, sleepiness and tiredness.