All of us have encountered rejection at some point in our lives.  Rejection can come from many different sources.  The pain of rejection can cut quite deeply.  At some point we will all experience rejection from ones we care about.  Here are a few simple tips that can help us cope with painful rejection.

#1 Remember that it is perfectly okay to seek some time alone. 

Often we feel we have to put on a brave face because we are overly concerned about the judgments of others.  While that brave face can come in handy, what we really need is a brave heart.  It’s important to take time alone to build up our self-esteem and to remind ourselves of our true value.  One way to do that is to look in the mirror and say positive things to yourself while looking at your reflection.  Comfort yourself the way you would a dear friend.

#2 It’s important not to bottle up emotions

We all need a safe place to release negative feelings.  It’s okay to cry or even scream when we feel we have been mistreated.  We need to be our own best friends.  If a dear friend was upset would we not encourage them to share their emotions?  So too when we’re alone we shouldn’t be afraid to let those negative emotions out.

#3 Do not take rejection too personally. 

Yes, rejection is a very painful thing.  Remember though that all of us at some point in our lives will experience it.  Unfortunately, it’s a part of the human experience.  We need to remind ourselves that we are not alone.  Rejection can happen to anyone at any time.  We mustn’t ever measure our self-worth by the acceptance or rejection of others.   

#4 Learn to laugh through the tears. 

Sometimes we need to take a humorous look at life.  In the worst situations we can see ironic moments. When faced with pain look for humor.  Sharing our pain with a dear friend over a glass of wine can bring a much needed smile.

#5 Get busy helping others. 

We will still be haunted by our pain while we help others but it will lessen.  Seeing how other’s situations are much worse than ours is quite sobering.  There’s always something we have in life that is lacking in someone else’s life.  Helping those that are less fortunate reminds us of the good things that we have going for us.  When we focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have, we can begin the healing process.

Rejection is not easy but it can build qualities in us that we never knew we had.  We can learn to see our situation in proper perspective.  When we build our self-esteem while helping others we grieve and we grow.  We realize that we are resilient.  With that resilience we know we can face anything life brings even rejection.