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When you think about your talents in life, do you struggle to find one? Or do you have a passion or skill but you simply do not know how to develop it? It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to uncovering and developing your talents. However, hopefully this article will offer you some tips on how to grow your passion or hobby further.

You may wonder why you would want to discover your hidden talents in the first place. The reason for doing this would be to fulfill your true potential in life. Whether you believe your life has a purpose or not, if you have a talent or skill then building on it can only act to enrich your life experiences.

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1. Personal Reflection

Have you ever had a dream about succeeding with a particular skill or talent? Reflect on what your passions are in life and on how they make you feel. Can you imagine what it would be like to reach the top in your chosen hobby or interest? Think about how good that would feel and how much it would mean to you.

Start to focus in on specific ways in which you could go about developing your talent or hobby. For example, if you enjoy singing then could you take some singing lessons to develop your vocal range and repertoire? If you are a writer or poet, then could you attend any local seminars, writing groups or open poetry reading nights?

Explore your options for developing your talent both locally and online because this is the beginning when you are able to day dream about your passions in life. After all, if you can visualize an end goal for your talent then your unconscious mind can start putting the steps into motion for you to start actually working towards this and to achieving it. You could even try doing a personality quiz[1] online to help gauge what your hidden talent may be.

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2. Evaluate Your Skill Set

When it comes to discovering your talents, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you believe you really could succeed with your hobby? Have you already made achievements in that particular field that would encourage you to move forwards with it? This is now the step where you need to think logically and ground your ideas with a realistic approach. For example, a singer should not hope to immediately become the next Elvis or Frank Sinatra as this would be unrealistic. Instead, one should still aim for the top but by becoming the best that you can be rather than by comparing yourself to the successes of others. 

Once you have settled on what you think your talent is, then you may wish to make a list of the steps that you could take to develop and nurture it further. Think about issues such as if you would need professional guidance or lessons, the cost involved and try to estimate how much time you would need to dedicate to it. Essentially, think about the practicalities that pursuing your talent further will involve.

Below is a YouTube video from the author of the book ‘Finding Your Element’ above, Sir Ken Robinson. He discusses how you can find the path to discovering your talents.

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3. Ask Others

Whilst you should take your talents in the direction that you believe they should go in, it is also wise to ask others for their input. If you are a performer or your craft involves working with an audience, then ask friends and family to listen to you or watch you perform. Ask them for their feedback afterwards and encourage people to offer constructive criticism. After all, if all one hears is praise then this does not leave room for personal growth and development.

If you are feeling adventurous, then you could expand this concept to the online world and post videos or audio clips of your skills for anyone to view and comment on. However, if you do go down this route then be prepared for all sorts of feedback, criticisms and opinions coming your way, whether they are positive or negative. Remember that  through the act of asking others to assess your skills you will gain more encouragement and confidence in yourself.

It can take time to reveal a hobby or talent to your loved ones, especially if you are naturally a shy person. However, once you open up to the idea then you will feel a sense of relief and happiness that you can share your passion with others too.

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4. Discover New Things

To become a master of your craft, an innovator or a leader in a particular field, then you need to have an open mind. Having an open approach to the future development of your talent or skill will allow you to seize the day and to take on opportunities when they arise. It is important to remember that life does not always follow the path that we hope for and so thinking creatively and openly in such moments can be a great asset.

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5. Apply Yourself

This last point is probably the most obvious and yet it is the one where many of us fall short. It is only through applying your energy, time, dedication and belief to your talent that you can develop it to become the best that you can be. It is easy in our busy lives today to make up excuses and reasons for why one should not pursue a talent or skill. For example, in saying ‘I just do not have enough time in the day to practice’ or ‘I will start lessons tomorrow’. Unfortunately, this attitude will not get results and is defeatist in nature. Instead, one has to be resilient, resourceful and focused to truly let a passion grow from a hobby to a skill and talent. But fear not because today is the day to begin!

Why not make a schedule, start a planner or put up a wall chart to help better manage your time so that you can improve your skills. Good time management will be crucial as you move forwards with any project.

It is useful to remember that the sky is the limit, but it is only the limit for those of us that have filled our hot air balloons with enough air and power to rise into the clouds. So seize the day and focus on developing your talents now and you never know where they may take you tomorrow.

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