There are a lot ways to find baby blankets. Below are the top 5 ways and some thoughts on each option. Use this as a guideline for locating and purchasing the best blankets for babies.

Friends, Family and Strangers

This is probably the first place you will start when looking for a blanket. Talking with your parents for advice on what and why they got you. Checking what your brothers and sisters have for their children and where they got them. Also how much they spent. Of course let's not count out others you don't even know yet meet throughout the day. You can get valuable information about great buys and cute ideas. Most people freely discuss how thrifty they are or where they got a great buy at.


You can find anything on the internet. Not only do the manufacturers of baby blankets have sites which are great for getting information directly from them on the design, materials, and safety of each blanket, they also usually list distributors of personalized baby blankets, baby bedding blankets, crochet baby blankets and more.

Shopping mall

There are many stores available that you can shop while looking for all the things your going to need to get your babies room set up. From crib, baby bedding, nursery bedding, baby rattle to baby sleeping bag you can get it all at the local store. With so many things to shop through its usually best to use the above two options first and then go to the mall. With no idea what to buy you may be inclined to just get everything, or nothing. Neither of which are a good use of your time.

Craft store

If you're the creative type then a craft store would be a terrific idea to get pattern ideas, purchase cloth, and make your own baby blankets. This is also a great idea to make your money go the furthest. With a little bit of sewing you can make an amazing baby blanket several times over and make it to suite your exact environment. Matching the weather, temperature, and the size and needs of you and your baby.


One of the older options that's still very popular and great for getting good ideas. With this option you can take it with you throughout the day and compare and contrast different options. Usually having pictures and prices together this makes for a very useful comparison shopping tool.

To summarize start with speaking with everyone you can think of about where good deals are for baby blankets then use the internet and other options to actually do the shopping and comparisons. Also make sure to look at all the safety factors of the baby blankets you look at.